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Weird Al Pokes Fun At Sports Fans In New Video — Watch ‘Sports Song’

Fri, July 18, 2014 1:13pm EDT by Add first Comment
Weird Al Sports Song Video
Courtesy of Funny Or Die

Weird Al Yankovic is on a roll. The funnyman has released yet another video to promote his latest album,’Mandatory Fun.’ This time Al is not just taking on one celebrity, but ALL sports fans in his latest song, ‘Sports Song.’

Weird Al Yankovic, 54, released his fifth music video on July 18 in promotion of his brand new album, Mandatory Fun. In the video, Al has gone back to high school and is leading the marching band while letting all sports fans know that “We’re great — and you suck!” See the hilarious video below!

 Weird Al Yancovic’s ‘Sports Song’ Music Video From ‘Mandatory Fun’ — Watch

Weird Al has never been one to sugarcoat things, and in his latest video for “Sports Song,” the comedian is letting all sports fans know what he really thinks about them and their teams!

Some of the hilarious lyrics include, “In fact we’ve played teams across the nation. And you’re the worst one we’ve come across!”

He certainly isn’t holding anything back. In the video, the stadium is full and riled up with plenty of cheers, banners, and two mega fans who get so excited that they go to clink their beer mugs and end up smashing them to bits.

In video, Al is wearing full marching band attire, accentuated by a fabulous, glittering sash. The king of parody proves that his title could also be the king of multi-tasking. In the video, he is leading a full marching band, color guard team, pumping a crowd up and singing — all while impressively keeping time and marching right alongside the band!

Al has been on fire this week, taking on some of the biggest names in the music industry. Al took on Pharrell Williams‘ huge and upbeat song “Happy,” and made it his own calling it Tacky“. Then it was time to take on two of pop’s biggest artist, Lorde and Iggy Azalea with his songs, “Foil and “Handy.” Finally, Al made Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” his own by calling out people’s Word Crimes.

Weird Al: Watch ‘Sports Song’ And Read The Lyrics Below:

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Sports Song from Funny Or Die

Your sports team is vastly inferior
That simple fact is plainly obvious to see
We’re gonna kick your collective posterior
Of course you realize we’re speaking figuratively
Our stats are thoroughly impressive
Our coach really has the Midas touch
Our players are fast and strong and brave
And your guys, eh, not so much

In fact we’ve played teams across the nation
And you’re the worst one we’ve come across
Try to assimilate that information
And it just might help you cope with your impending loss
Oh, and if somehow we are still failing
To affectively articulate the points at hand
Allow us now to summarize them in a manner
That your feeble brains can understand

We’re great (we’re great)
And you suck (you suck)
We’re great (we’re great)
And you suck (you suck)
We’re great (we’re great)
And you suck (you suck)
You see there’s us (we’re great)
And then there’s you (you suck)
We’re really, really great (really great)
In contrast, you really suck (really suck)
Okay, full disclosure, we’re not that great
But nevertheless, you suck

Your sports team will soon suffer swift defeat
That theory’s backed up by empirical evidence
We’re gonna grind up your guys into burger meat
Again, of course, we’re speaking in the figurative sense
What’s the use of even going through the motions
When you know that you’re gonna lose anyhow
So why don’t you save us all some time
And give up now (you suck!)

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Have you watched all of Weird Al’s newly released videos? Are you going to buy his new album, Mandatory Fun? Let us know!

— Caitlin Beck

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