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‘Homeland’: New Action-Packed Trailer For Season 4 — Watch It Now

Fri, July 18, 2014 6:34pm EDT by 1 Comment

Season 4 of ‘Homeland’ premieres October 5 on Showtime — check out the first trailer and tell us if you’ll be mourning the loss of Brody!

Six months after the turbulent events of the Season 4 finale of Homeland which saw Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) hanged, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is back, and possibly more pissed off than ever. Check out the Season 4 trailer, and read on to find out what you can expect from Homeland in Season 4!

‘Homeland’ Season 4 Trailer: Claire Danes Stars In Action-Packed Preview — Watch

While Carrie resumes her work with the CIA, you’ll recall that there is the small matter of her having been pregnant in Season 3 — however, showrunner Alex Gansa revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Season 4 picks up six months after we left off. Carrie has had the baby, but they’d “rather not give away where the kid is, but … one of the reasons [Carrie has] found herself in Afghanistan and Pakistan is it’s a place where you’re disallowed from bringing a dependent.”

The “big picture” plot for Season 4, according to Alex himself, is as follows:

“It’s about seeing Carrie Mathison for the first time doing the job she was trained to do — being a case officer in a foreign capital. We’re going to see what an intelligence officer does on the ground. How she recruits assets, how she deals with the foreign government and her country team — the people she works with in the embassy — and the host country’s intelligence services. That is a complicated and murky world, one that we hope is filled with intrigue and drama and adventure.

The whole reason we chose this part of the world is that American forces are drawing down in Afghanistan. So the question is: What were we doing there for 14 years? When we leave is the Taliban just going to swoop back in and take the country over? What was all the blood and treasure spent worth? And when the military does draw down, who’s left behind? People like Carrie Mathison and Martha Boyd (Laila Robins) — the CIA and the State Department people are the ones left on the ground when the military leaves, and it’s up to them to try and keep that country intact. Carrie’s on the ground in a dangerous place trying to break the law which puts her in a very charged situation.”

Furthermore, Carrie will be more mentally stable this season as far as managing her illness, says Alex, but she will definitely be grieving over the loss of Brody. Speaking of the Brody family, there are currently “no plans” to bring them back — no Dana (Morgan Saylor), no Jessica (Morena Baccarin), and presumably no what’s-his-face, The Son Who Wasn’t Even Named In An Interview With The Showrunner.

‘Homeland’: Will Season 4 Be Better Than Season 3 Now That Brody Has Gone?

As for the patriarch of the Brody family, Alex waffled on whether we’d see him in flashbacks or not. However, Brody was supposed to die in Season 1 — it was Damian’s portrayal of the character that not only kept him in the show for this long, but won him both an Emmy and a Golden Globe for the role. Therefore, it’s unlikely that we’ve really seen the end of him.

Season 3 of Homeland was unfortunately not nearly as well-received as the seasons before it, and much of the blame was put on the continued existence of Nicholas Brody himself; as much as Damian brought to the character, it was frankly ludicrous that he was kept around for so long and that the CIA would cooperate with him and show lenience to him to the extent that they did.

However, things are looking up for Season 4, and judging by the trailer, the show will get back to basics and may just right the course after the utter derailment that was Season 3!

(As an aside, in the photo above, that’s the wounded face that Carrie Mathison makes when someone tells her: “We’re all hoping that you’ll be on your best behavior here in Pakistan.” As if she doesn’t deserve that.)

So, HollywoodLifers, are you looking forward to Season 4 of Homeland? Watch the trailer and let us know what you think!

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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