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‘Under The Dome’ Season 2 Premiere: Big Jim Sees A Ghost — Watch

Mon, June 30, 2014 8:00pm EDT by HL Intern 1 Comment

The second season of ‘Under the Dome’ returns on Monday, June 30, and things have gotten even stranger in Chester’s Mill — we didn’t think that was possible. Click here to WATCH an intense scene from the premiere!

Summer’s sci-fi hit is back! It’s been two weeks since “dome day” and conditions are rapidly declining in Chester’s Mill. In the second season premiere of Under the Dome, citizens face the fact that the dome is now magnetized and draws every metal object to it. Meanwhile, Big Jim (Dean Norris) starts unraveling after he sees the ghost of the woman he killed.

‘Under The Dome’: Big Jim Freaks Out When He Sees A Ghost

In Under the Dome‘s second season premiere, tough guy Big Jim starts to question his sanity when the ghost of Dodee Weaver (Jolene Purdy) won’t leave him alone. Remember, Big Jim shot and killed Dodee, after she threatened him in Season 1. Clearly, his guilty conscious is getting the best of him.

Dodee taunts Big Jim, in the sneak peek (WATCH above), who talks to himself, trying to calm down, while she follows him around, blaming him for the chaos in their town. And then she sticks her finger into her bloody gunshot wound. Don’t eat before you watch this, folks.

Although we learned in the first season finale that the dome is in place to actually help Chester’s Mill, it sure seems like it’s doing way more harm than good!

Can Anyone Escape The Dome?

The dome might not be as powerful, as we thought — in fact, one character might succeed in escaping from the dome in the new round of episodes.

“This is the search to get out,” executive producer Neal Baer told TVGuide. This is the season of new mysteries that unfold and one of those new mysteries will be if there is a way out.”

Under The Dome second season premieres June 30 (10/9) on CBS.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Will Season 2 be just as big of a hit as the first round? Let us know if you’re hooked on the show!

— Noelle Trainor

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