‘16 & Pregnant’ Reunion: Arianna Tells Maurice He’s a ‘Deadbeat Father’

Whoa. The '16 & Pregnant' reunion is going to be intense. In this sneak preview, Arianna and Maurice go head-to-head over why he will 'never' have custody of their son. Arianna and Maurice return to 16 & Pregnant for the July 1 reunion special, and it is clear their relationship is over for good. Not only does Arianna tell Dr. Drew Pinsky that Maurice is a "deadbeat father," she lets her ex-boyfriend know he will "never" have custody of their son so long as she is alive.

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’16 & Pregnant’ Reunion: Arianna & Maurice Argue In Front Of Dr. Drew

If this is just a taste of the upcoming 16 & Pregnant season five cast reunion, then it sure is going to be an interesting watch.

On July 1 at 10/9c, the young mothers and fathers of season five will reunite on a soundstage to discuss their episodes, stories, and everything that has happened since we last saw them.

In the first sneak preview of the reunion, Arianna and Maurice have an intense reunion that leads to one of them swearing and storming off of the stage.

’16 & Pregnant’: Arianna Fears Her Baby Will Grow Up Without A Father

While Maurice tells Dr. Drew that he does not have “rights” this son and is not allowed to see or have any contact with his son, Arianna continuously says that that is not true. According to Arianna, Maurice does not make any attempt to see his son, despite the woe-is-me stories he is telling in front of the cameras.

Things take a turn for the dramatic when Arianna calls Maurice a deadbeat, and his reaction to her claiming that he does not help raise their son at the end is one for the record books.

Check out the clip below!

WATCH: Arianna & Maurice’s Reunion Ends With Someone Storming Off

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Is Maurice telling the truth, or is Arianna? Do you blame her for storming off at the end? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Lauren Cox

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