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‘Girl Meets World’: Cory Matthews Teases Eric’s Return & The Feeny Call

Fri, June 27, 2014 3:40pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 7 Comments

‘Girl Meets World’ premieres on the Disney Channel on June 27, but which originals from ‘Boy Meets World’ will appear o the spinoff? We’ve got the exclusive interview with Cory Matthews himself and his new family!

We’ve already told you that Shawn Hunter, Mr. Feeny and Cory’s parents Amy and Alan, will all be guest-starring on Disney’s new show, Girl Meets World, but who else? And what about the new show scares the cast? chatted with Ben Savage, his on-screen daughter Riley played by Rowan Blanchard and her BFF on the show played by Sabrina Carpenter. Watch it here!

‘Girl Meets World’: Will Eric Return?

“I’m excited for people to see it! We’re really really proud of the show,” Ben told “One of the things that was most important to us when doing the new show was that we pay homage to the original series and that we honor the legacy of the first show — so that includes sets, similar characters, similar tone and tenor of Boy Meets World.”

So, which characters are they? Well we know obviously Cory, Shawn (Rider Strong), Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) and Amy (Betsey Randle) are returning — but that’s only four of the five stars who were in every single episode of Boy Meets World.

Yes, that leaves out Eric (Will Friedle). But how can they have Mr. Feeny without a Feeny call? Eric has to return! We know that he visited the set, but will be be a guest star?

“We’re working on that!” Ben revealed. “We’ll see what happens. We’d love to have Will back.”

Rowan Blanchard & Sabrina Carpenter On Being Disney’s New Stars

However, Girl Meets World will focus on the new characters, Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley, played bye Rowan, 12, and Maya played by Sabrina, 15. Both girls are excited to take on the Disney Channel, as they both have a common role model in mind — Selena Gomez.

“For me personally, I always saw Selena Gomez as somebody as an inspiration,” Sabrina said with Rowan agreeing. “She’s stayed a humble girl and we hope to do the same!”

We’re sure they will, and who knows, maybe one day they’ll be able to work with Sel! “There’s a lot of fun surprises in store,” Ben added — and we can’t wait!

Tune into the premiere of Girl Meets World on the Disney Channel at 9:45PM ET on June 27. Then let us know, do you hope Eric returns?

— Emily Longeretta

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