‘Transformers 4′ Reviews: Mind-Jarring Action Film Is A Must See

Thu, June 26, 2014 4:45pm EST by 4 Comments
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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Posted at 4:02 AM on August 15, 2014  

CRAP that is all….. if you love the past 3 transformer movies well you’ll probably love this crapfest and clap at the end, and think its a good movie! however everyone else can see that Michael bay has remade the same movie 4 FREAKING TIMES!!!! the same movie! again, crap acting (except wahlberg), crap dialogue, crap writing, crappy everything!!!!! gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and whats worst is… E

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Chip Roberts

Posted at 11:30 AM on June 27, 2014  

Well, I know most of you are waiting to hear what I thought about Transformers 4 “The Age Of Extinction”. So I will give you all what you want in the form of another exciting edition of…
“Reviews Nobody Asked For” by Joseph Dixon

Well, I was disappointed. IT DID NOT SUCK but it just kind of, well I don’t know… It was like the first time I ate at Cheeseburger In Paradise. You figure with a name like that the cheeseburgers would be like, uh, um, paradise huh? Well, they were no – at all.

First let me say that I was relieved that the movie didn’t rely on a bunch of useless profanity and sexual content. Any dummy should know that parents want to take their children to see these movies! Transformers 2 was filled with things I didn’t want my five children to hear or see. There are a few cuss words in this one here and there but it’s nowhere near as bad as Transformers 2. If you don’t want your children exposed to the filth that is forced into most movies you’d like your children to see, this one is fine to take your children to see this movie.

OK, the CGI… Sometimes the CGI would look just like a real freakin’ robot! Then sometimes the CGI would look no better than some HBO original series. Why would they do this? You know if I made a movie, I would watch it before I put it out.

Man, when the “Transformium” would float around, IT LOOKED SO FAKE AND STUPID! All they had to do was not make it show shiny! That would have helped a lot.

I did like how they explained the extinction of the dinosaurs.

One minute Optimus Prime was a broken down shell of himself in serious need of repair, then the next thing thing you know he simply scans another truck and is restored to 100% again? Huh? They could have spent 7 to 9 seconds explaining this.

His new robot mode is the best ever though!

Why do Transformers need to have human looking lips and teeth? Huh?

Yeah, a human fighting Lockdown? What?

Oh and why the Decepticon dog / wolves with hair on their backs? What?

OK, let’s see. Humans flying in an alien space craft crash (with no seatbelts!) to the ground in the streets and are perfectly fine? What now?

Oh and the main thing everyone was waiting for , THE DINOBOTS! Well, I wished they would have taken 11 seconds to explain their entrance into the movie. Then I wish they would have shown their transformations more! Foot, I wish they just have shown them more!

EVERYONE was waiting to hear, “ME GRIMLOCK!” but nope…

The Dinobots are HUGE! Man, they are all so much bigger than Optimus Prime! I loved that!

These are all just my opinions though, but then again I am 41. It was 1984 and I still remember seeing the advertisement some new cartoon called The Transformers that was going to be starting. I remember watching the very first episode that Monday at 4:00 pm. Now, I know these movies can’t just be like the cartoons but the cartoons got something right. I hate how much of the humans these movies show! Man, I could care so much less about the teenage daughter and the 21 year old male in this movie! Or was that dummy 20? I don’t know.

When I go to see the Transformers, all I want to see are:


I want to see A LOT of transformations!

I want to see CGI that is every bit as good as Transformers 1.

I want to see the Transformers be a little more serious and not so goofy.

I want some things explained. There were too many things that happened in this movie that leave you like, how or why did that happen?

But then again, if you are a little kid or if you are like the two dummies that sat behind me (“Whoa dude! Narly! His gun shoots stuff! Yeah bro!”) then you will love this movie! I wanted to love this movie but I only came out not hating it. They had all that time since the last one and they couldn’t do any better than this? Oh and this is a loooooong movie, which would have been fine with me IF they would have used all that time better.

Man, if they would just let me write and direct the next one. Foot, I’d have yaw coming out of the theater thinking that all of this could really happen! Many would have to be carried out on stretchers. At least 14 girls would be ovulating. Kids would be scared to get in automobiles. People my age that religiously watched the cartoon back in the day would be like, see, that’s how a Transformer movie is supposed to be.

Transformers 4 “The Age Of Extinction”
I give this movie 6 out of 10 false protection orders.

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Posted at 10:50 PM on June 28, 2014  

The movie was terrible. It left me wondering if they reviewed the product at all before releasing it. One of the man characters without real counting words did not seem to have more then 20 unique words to say in almost three hours. Lockdown should have been killed off half-way though leaving the main show down with Galvatron and Grim-lock. Which with a name like Age of Extinction one might think the dino-bots would play a role in the movie. Removing what little screen time they had would not have changed the movie at all.

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Parry Jackson (@ParryJackson1)

Posted at 12:43 AM on June 27, 2014  

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