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Sudanese Mother Arrested Again For Attempting To ‘Flee’ Country

Tue, June 24, 2014 10:45am EDT by Lauren Cox 4 Comments
Sudan Woman Arrested
Courtesy of Wani Family

Unbelievable. Meriam Yahya Ibrahim has been arrested by Sudan officials again — this time for attempting to ‘flee’ the country with her husband and two children.

Meriam Yahya Ibrahim, 27, was taken into custody by Sudan’s National Security Force just hours after being released and escaping a cruel death sentence. This time Meriam’s husband, Daniel Wani, and their two children have also been arrested. Reports claim the family was taken into custody at the Khartoum Airport for attempting to “flee” the country. So sad.

Sudanese Mother Arrested Just Hours After Escaping Death Sentence

Hearing this breaks our hearts.

On Monday, June 23, Meriam was finally freed from the Sudan prison where she gave birth to her newborn daughter, Maya, after being sentenced to death by hanging for apostasy from Islam. The release came after an appeals court found the severe judgment to be “faulty,” CNN reported.

However, while trying to leave the country with her husband Daniel and their two children, Meriam and her entire family were arrested by Sudan’s National Security Force. The force used 40 different officers to trap Meriam and her family, then put all four of them into custody, according to the Daily Mail.

Even though no official charges have been filed just yet, Meriam’s lawyer, Shareif Ali Shareif, believes they were arrested for attempting to “flee” the country. This severely complicates things, especially for Meriam’s husband, Daniel, who is a United States citizen.

“We don’t have any information about what charges they face. But the National Security force does not have to take them to court. This is not a criminal matter, it a national security matter,” Shareif explained.

Sadly, there is no word on when Meriam and her family will be released.

Sudan’s National Security Referred To As ‘Agents Of Fear’

Right now, Meriam should be back at home with her family. Sadly, she is back to being a prisoner less than 24 hours after being released.

A religious freedom organization called Hardwired has confirmed that Meriam, Daniel, and their children were taken into custody by the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS).

According to the report, the NISS is referred to as the “Agents of Fear” — a group allegedly known for bringing their prisoners to ghost houses and torturing them.

Our thoughts go out to Meriam and her family at this time. Here is to hoping for freedom.

— Lauren Cox

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