‘Real Housewives’ Husbands Team Up To Fix ‘Botched’ Boob Jobs

Tue, June 24, 2014 4:58pm EST by 10 Comments

Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow team up to fix cosmetic procedures gone wrong in E!’s brand new docuseries, ‘Botched’. As if the name doesn’t say it all, keep on reading because the docs tell HollywoodLife.com all about the insane nip tucks!

Remember when you were glued to your TV, watching Dr. 90210The Swan and Bridalplasty? Well, get ready for more because Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow are back for yet another medical makeover series, and it’s crazier than ever! Botched cuts deep into plastic surgery disasters, and you won’t believe what you’re about to see — a celebrity, celebrity lookalikes and tons of fake assets that need some serious repairing!

‘Botched': The Medical Makeover Show You’ve Got To See

“I went to get nip tucked, and I got nip f**ked!” That’s what a victim of bad plastic surgery says in Botched – bring in Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow!

The celebrity surgeons, who share quite the bromance, rose to fame on various medical makeover series and, of course, The Real Housewives franchise, but they promise HollywoodLife.com that Botched brings about the craziest cosmetic cases yet.

Dr. Paul Nassif & Dr. Terry Dubrow Fix Bad Plastic Surgeries

“This is the hardest of the hardest of all plastic surgeries,” Dr. Paul tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “You’re taking these crazy complications and poor results so that’s the shock value of it. The human interest aspect is that we are taking these patients and we’re trying to give them one last shot…you’re making something positive in their life.”

But not every case makes the cut. Dr. Paul, the facial plastic surgeon and revision rhinoplasty specialist, and Dr. Terry, the general plastic surgeon, turn down patients left and right. Tons of celebrity-lookalike hopefuls — think the Human Ken Doll, who appears on the Tuesday, June 24 premiere — walk through their doors, but if it’s not a necessary procedure, they won’t take them.

“We can’t take any person [and] just take someone and make them look like another person,” says Dr. Paul. “That’s against our medical ethics. Our goal is to do no harm to them. So we’re not into that. We’re into revisions on this show.”

One procedure that is not turned down is revising a uni-boob in the very first episode. “A uni-boob is the most difficult thing in breast surgery,” admits Dr. Terry, who is married to Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Heather Dubrow.

Celebs Are Just Like Us — They Get ‘Botched’, Too!

Janice Dickinson, who is known her outspoken antics and wild ways, appears on the Sunday, June 29 episode, and she makes for some must-see-TV.

“The Janice Dickinson experience was an e-ticket Matterhorn ride at Disneyland that goes up the rails! It was crazy,” Dr. Terry says with a laugh. “That was the most challenging patient I’ve ever had in my whole career…as soon as she went into the post operative room with pain and narcotics, the old Janice Dickinson came out. It was like Pandora’s Janice Box.  It was the most painful experience, but it was incredible for the show.”

Janice Dickinson drugged up? Yep, we’d have to agree with all of the above.

Janice is the only famous face who appears on this season (unless you count plastic lookalikes), but Dr. Paul, who does not comment on celebrity’s plastic surgery, says that the best look in Hollywood is natural-looking beauty — in other words, if you can’t tell they got surgery, they got good surgery.

Still, most patients who ask to go under the knife to resemble the rich and famous want Kate Middleton‘s nose, Scarlett Johansson‘s lips and men, according to Dr. Paul, want to look like George Clooney or Brad Pitt.

And for all of you wondering about Kim Kardashian‘s post-baby body? According to the experts, her cleavage is probably real!

“I think she has the most amazing figure for someone who had a baby and got back so fast,” reveals Dr. Terry. “If I were to guess, I don’t think it has anything to do with plastic surgery. I think it has to do with good genetics, diet and exercise.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Botched premieres on Tuesday, June 24 (9/8c) on E! and moves to its regular time slot on Sunday, June 29 right after Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

HollywoodLifers, if you could look like one celebrity, who would it be? Let us know if you’ll be tuning into Botched!

– Elizabeth Wagmeister

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Kathy Cobb

Posted at 2:38 AM on January 25, 2015  

Dear Dr. Paul,
After breast implants in 1990 to celebrate a 135 pound weight loss, I decided to switch the silicone out for saline in 2006. They were great until an automobile accident 5 years ago required 3 surgeries to stabilize the right breast with mesh. It sits too high and the nipple points to the right. Also the implant sits almost under my collarbone. I thought that 3 times with the same reconstructive surgeon would be the charm. No such luck. I am at my wits end and would appreciate your expertise.

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Joni Standish

Posted at 10:58 AM on September 17, 2014  

Dear Dr paul , hi my name is joni standish from watkins glen ny ! I havea when ia major problem when i was 18 i lost my top teeth and ended up with dentures when i was 28 i lost my bottom teeth now i am 53 i have no jaw bone to keep my dentures in place. my face is looking old and wrinkled and i can’t chew my food with out choking and i have to put my hands in front of my face cause i look so bad when i am chewing i can’t afford or even attempt to pay for this procedure I have not enough money and no insurance I desperately need your help could you please help me you use to look like a young Ann Margret now I just look old and I can’t chew my food without choking please help me sincerely miss Joni Standish

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Kim Yarmlak

Posted at 9:05 PM on August 22, 2014  

Dear paul. All of my life I was made fun of because they were and are so small. Also my skin is not in the right condition, it looks a littleruff and I also have these2 -large brown spotson my face, I am so self conscious about this I have had many boyfriends due to these inperfections and I.have ver low self esteem from this, I.dont have alot of money but yous 2 are tje best in the business, is there any way you can help. I soon will be 50 n would
like to enjoy the next 50 -years as a new person. May god bless you both and maybe you can help me

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Moe Joe

Posted at 3:42 PM on August 11, 2014  

Why are some of you people commenting here asking for free surgery???…this is not the surgeon’s email nor any other direct link to them. Try making an appointment and describing your problems in private is more appropriate.

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Moe Joe

Posted at 3:17 PM on August 11, 2014  

Why are some of you people commenting here asking for free surgery???…this is not the surgeon’s email nor any other direct link to them. Try making an appointment and describing your problems in private or asking surgical questions is more appropriate.

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Moe Joe

Posted at 3:13 PM on August 11, 2014  

The bigger the implants…the smaller the brain…Plastic surgery patients are the WORST patients to take care of post-operatively…as they generally are extremely short on grey matter and very self focused!

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Deborah Welch

Posted at 12:45 PM on July 23, 2014  

I am a 59 year old women i had breast cancer ,I have had 4 surgery’s my left breast is still not right , I also have never been able to breath out of the right side of my nose , I had surgery when i was 18 it messed my nose up worse and i still can’t breath out of my nose, I went to another doctor years later and he said I didn’t have enough carlige left to correct it. I lost my job 2 years ago i have not income just help from my family, I do not have insurance I was curious if you help people in my situation , I could send you any info you would need, But you probably only help stars but if you know of a service that could help me I would be so greatful . Thank you for taken the time to hear my story. Deb Welch

Share this comment at Share with Twitter

maryln burrell

Posted at 9:04 AM on July 20, 2014  

Drs. I had weight surgery some years ago and was very successful in losing the weight. Now here’s the problem ,the more weight I lose the worse my legs and stomach looks. The skin has has not gone back to normal. It has been seven years since both the surgery. Can u let me know how I can fix this. Oh I forget to say my skin heals bad (kelord) problem the main problem.

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Posted at 10:38 PM on July 15, 2014  

Do the doctors only help stars with fixing Brest augmentation or will they help me just a regular women’s who’s boobs are all messed up…. Help please!!!!

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pertrease hunter

Posted at 12:03 PM on June 29, 2014  

I am a 42 year old mother if 4 and wife and I would like to get surgry

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