Kat Von D: Crazed Stalker Planning To ‘Go Columbine’ In LA

Tattoo artist Kat Von D is fearing for her life after a crazed stalker named Michael Nunn has promised to 'go Columbine' on Los Angeles. Kat Von D, 32, is fearing for her life and the lives of others after her crazed stalker, Michael Nunn, threatened on June 4 to "go Columbine" on Los Angeles.

Kat Von D Stalker Michael Nunn
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Kat Von D’s Stalker Michael Nunn Has Threatened The People Of Los Angeles

“You have to understand, Kat, my life is over because of you. Therefore, what would my only reason for living be? Revenge,” Michael reportedly tweeted on June 4, according to TMZ. He also tweeted that he wants people to feel guilty for what he’s “about to initiate,” right before threatening to “go Columbine” on LA.

“Get it through your f****** head!!” he tweeted. “Lose the game or watch people die!” and “Your [sic] running out of time and I’m not running out of anger and determination.”

A search warrant has been put out by the LAPD, and they have taken over Michael’s Twitter account in an attempt to locate him.

Kat Von D Has Had A Restraining Order Against Michael Nunn Since 2012

In a video obtained by TMZ which was filmed 10 months ago, Michael can be seen rambling about things “taking so long” with Kat, whom he refers to by her full name. “I enjoy Kathy’s little makeup videos,” he says. It’s very strange, and very creepy — his speech is slurred, as if heavily medicated, and his eyes look wild.

Click Here To Watch Michael Nunn’s Crazed Video In Which He Rambles About Kat Von D And President Obama

This isn’t the first time that Kat has run into trouble with Michael Nunn — in 2012, she filed a restraining order against him, according to TMZ, for his crazy, violent tweets, for calling her phone constantly, and for showing up at her house. A judge ruled that the restraining order should extend until 2015 and that Michael Nunn must stay 300 yards away from Kat at all times, but that clearly has not stopped her crazed stalker’s delusional tendencies.

Our thoughts are with Kat and her family during this time. Updates to follow.

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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