Robert Pattinson Loves ‘Game Of Thrones’ As Much As Family — Watch

Whoever thought that the 'Twilight' and 'Game Of Thrones' fandoms would collide? In a new interview, Robert Pattinson revealed that a bad episode of the fantasy series has the potential to ruin his week! Oh, and that's the face he makes to people who don't watch 'GoT.' Check it out below! Robert Pattinson, 28, is currently on a massive press tour to promote his film The Rover, and in a sitdown interview with MTV's Josh Horowitz, the ex-Twilight star revealed his deep love for Game Of Thrones -- and the horrified face you see above is the face that R-Patz makes when you tell him that you're not watching GoT. Same, Rob. Same.

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Robert Pattinson: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Can Ruin My Week — Interview

“My entire week, all I do, genuinely all I do with my week is wait ’til Sunday so I can watch Game Of Thrones. And if I don’t enjoy the episode, it will ruin my next week,” Rob told MTV News. Hmm, we wonder if Rob was upset about Lady Stoneheart’s absence like many GoT diehards were?

“I literally haven’t loved something that much since, like, my family.”

Robert Pattinson: I Wake Up The Same Way As Andre Agassi

Also in the interview, Rob revealed that he’s currently reading Andre Agassi‘s autobiography, Open, and that he wakes up exactly the same way as he does, “[lying] on the floor every day just waiting for my body to wake up.” Although Andre’s reason for that might be tennis rather than acting in the Australian outback.

For comparison, because it’s funny, here’s what Andre wrote in his autobiography about waking up in the morning:

“I open my eyes and don’t know where I am or who I am. Not all that unusual — I’ve spent half my life not knowing. Still, this feels different. This confusion is more frightening. More total.

“I look up. I’m lying on the floor beside the bed. I remember now. I moved from the bed to the floor in the middle of the night. I do that most nights. Better for my back. Too many hours on a soft mattress causes agony. I count to three, then start the long, difficult process of standing. With a cough, a groan, I roll onto my side, then curl into the fetal position, then flip over onto my stomach. Now I wait, and wait, for the blood to start pumping.

“I’m a young man, relatively speaking. Thirty-six. But I wake as if ninety-six. After three decades of sprinting, stopping on a dime, jumping high and landing hard, my body no longer feels like my body, especially in the morning.”

How hilarious is that? And people say Robert is a bad interviewee. Pshh.

WATCH Robert Pattinson Talk About Game Of Thrones:


So, HollywoodLifers, do you love Game Of Thrones as much as Rob does? Do you love it more than your family?

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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