‘Awkward’ Finale Recap: A Shocking Revelation Stuns Jenna & Sadie

Tue, June 17, 2014 11:52pm EST by 14 Comments

The ‘Awkward’ mid-season finale was filled to the max with drama. Did Sadie and Jenna convince Matty that Eva was up to no good?

The June 17 episode of Awkward featured a slew of shocking revelations. On the mid-season finale, Eva’s (Elizabeth Whitson) shady past was finally uncovered, Jenna (Ashley Rickards) and Sadie (Molly Tarlov) teamed up and someone revealed they were pregnant!

‘Awkward’ Recap: Skiing Up The Drama

Everyone was psyched about the senior ski trip, except Jenna. She was totally over it since Luke (Evan Williams) couldn’t come and her parents were the chaperones. Val (Desi Lydic) decided to make matters worse by assigning roommates randomly. Jenna got Gloria, who said that cold weather made her horny. (So there ya go.)

Matty (Beau Mirchoff) and Eva were still the “it” couple, despite Eva’s shady nature. Eva had spilled to Matty that Sadie had actual feelings for him, which was the reason for all the Sadie Saxton hostility. Sadie was NOT going to let Eva have the upper hand and told Matty she would explain her feelings by pulling Eva’s hair out! Eva continued her charade and Sadie was kicked off the trip. Now she was out for Eva’s blood.

Everyone seemed to have significant other on the trip except Jenna. But that didn’t last for long! Luke arrived on his white horse and the Prince Charming reunited with Jenna. (Seriously, where is this Luke kid in real-life?)

‘Awkward’ Recap: Liar, Liar, Liar!

With Sadie left behind, Eva had endless opportunities to make Jenna seem like the super jealous ex-girlfriend. First, Eva stepped on Jenna’s ski so Matty could have a little chit-chat. Matty asked if Jenna had a problem with Eva. Apparently, Eva had spun her lie that Jenna had accused her of sleeping in her bed. Matty told Jenna that he liked Eva and to back off.

Meanwhile, Sadie was on a mission to destroy Eva. She tracked down Eva’s house and asked for her at the door. However, the girl who answered the door was definitely NOT the Eva we knew. It was LISA RINNA! She was the real Eva Mansfield and the “Eva” we knew had been running up her credit cards. (Cue the Psycho music.)

Eva started to stir up drama, but even Matty said she was just being paranoid. Eva was determined to make Matty feel like Jenna was back to Season 3 Jenna, and she purposely ran into Jenna, spilling hot chocolate all over herself. Matty believed Eva and told Jenna to stay away.  After that, Jenna needed some time to deal with all the drama, which even meant staying away from Luke. Thankfully, that didn’t last long, but she freaked out over what she thought was an Eva prank. Luke was fuming and was not there for Jenna’s psycho ex drama.

Sadie discovered that “Eva’s” real name was Amber Horn and she was from San Pedro. (Sadie Saxton: Private Eye is a show that should happen ASAP.) Eva/Amber lived in a pretty shammy place — nothing like the glamorous life she had described. Her grandmother said she didn’t have any friends. (Ruh roh.) Sadie and her sexy partner in crime snuck into Eva’s room and found the crazy wall. A shrine to Matty and targets on Jenna and Sadie’s head. Sadie immediately called Matty, but Eva picked up without her knowing, letting Sadie spill the beans. Eva knew her cover was blown and had to go to drastic measures.

Then, Sadie hit up Jenna and revealed that Eva/Amber had stabbed a kid in the face with pencil when she was 9. Operation Find Matty was a go! Jenna tried calling Matty’s room, but no one picked up. During her desperate attempts to find Matty, she realized she was missing out on Luke. However, she was too late when she realized that. He had already packed his bags and left.

‘Awkward’ Recap: Positives & Negatives

Jenna was left reeling from Luke’s departure, but there was no time for grieving. Sadie showed up and they had to partner up. She spilled all the deets on the faux-Eva and they continued Operation Find Matty. Both Sadie and Jenna realized that Eva had sabotaged their relationships with other men, which meant she had to be stopped.

Eva had taken Matty to a cottage so they could be alone. She said she had something really intense she needed to tell him. (Gulp.) Eva was the master manipulator, so no one could get in contact with them.

Sadie and Jenna tracked down the cabin and were ready to blow Eva/Amber’s cover. Eva was one step ahead of them and revealed she was pregnant. She had told Matty everything and confessed her lies in a disgusting sap story. The four were stuck together in the cabin due to weather, so everything was about to heat up. While Matty and Jenna went to look for candles, Eva taunted Sadie about being pregnant with Matty’s baby.

When they were alone, Jenna and Matty talked. She just wanted him to be OK and not get wrapped up in Eva/Amber’s lies. Matty had to believe what she said for now because he’s just that noble guy. Matty realized Eva was up to no good as he watched her put on an act to the couple who’s cabin she scammed. Matty still stayed by Eva’s side, not knowing if she was pregnant or not.

Jenna knew she couldn’t obsess over Matty anymore and called Luke to make up for lost time. Luke wanted to end their relationship for now. Jenna still had some growing up to do and their timing was just off. (Infinite sad face, but he’s right.)

After Eva/Amber had successfully ruined both Sadie and Jenna’s relationships for good, they demanded to know whether she was with child. Sadie said there was no possible way she was pregnant.

Think again, Sadie.

Eva/Amber is pregnant! (NO!)

Side Notes:

1. Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) and Jake (Brett Davern) started to rekindle their friendship on the ski trip. Thank goodness they no long hate each other! There is hope for Jakara!

2. Lissa (Greer Grammer) and Tyler got a little Flowers in the Attic on us, but it was hilarious. And yes, they kissed!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the mid-season finale of Awkward? Is Eva really pregnant? How do you like Jenna and Sadie as partners? Do like Jake and Tamara as just friends? Let us know!

– Avery Thompson

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Posted at 11:37 PM on August 31, 2014  

I just finished the last episode and I think Eva’s aqually crazy. Since Matty is adopted and all.. Eva knew this allready, she got plenty of time in that basement of her to figure this out. I think (HUGE conspiracy theory, I know ;) that Eva is Matty’s sister. And she’s doing this out of spite, because their mother left her alone and she gave Matty up for adoption. Sooo.. let’s hope she’s not really pregnant. That’ll be really sick and twisted!

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Posted at 11:36 PM on August 23, 2014  

Coloque un numero disculpen :( lei mal y pense que ahi iba una contraseña

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Posted at 11:26 PM on August 23, 2014  

La verdad es que me encanta la pareja que forman Luke y Jenna, Ellos deberían terminar juntos al final. Jenna y Matty se han hecho mucho daño entre ellos y si puede quedar algo que sea solo una amistad y ya, ademas Luke es un príncipe y deberían buscar la manera de reconciliarlos y que Matty y Jenna se superen el uno al otro.

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Posted at 5:50 PM on June 18, 2014  

I think Lacey is the one who’s actually pregnant. Think about it…throughout the episode, Jenna’s parents only popped up randomly to make bird leaving the nest comments, and how it was their last senior snow trip…and then Lacey freaked when she thought he was in danger. Eva knows everyone’s business, and Lacey already likes her…so there is a chance that she overheard or Lacey told her she thought she was pregnant….and Eva could have stolen her test. Eva started planning this whole thing the second Sadie first called to blow her story, and she probably used what she knew to her advantage.

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Grace Ellis

Posted at 6:42 PM on June 18, 2014  

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Posted at 10:47 PM on June 18, 2014  

Omg brilliant. I know eva faked that test somehow (no one went in with her, really!?) but this could so be it!

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Posted at 2:07 PM on June 18, 2014  

I’m so bummed that Luke broke things off. I think Jenna should find a way to let Matty go and heal by finding out the exact truth about Eva then make things right with Luke when she leaves for college. Matty and Jenna shouldn’t be together, there’s too much hurt and it’s best to explore with someone new.

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Posted at 9:23 PM on July 25, 2014  

Matty and her should dating again.

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Posted at 11:48 AM on June 18, 2014  

Eva/amber is a lying horny slut that I bet give good blow jobs but not pregnant with matte baby

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Posted at 8:06 AM on June 18, 2014  

I think gloria is the pregnant one and thats were eva/amber got the pregnancy test from, as they are standing in the gas station, you can see gloria lurking in the back ground as they are all waiting for the results.

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Posted at 5:08 AM on June 18, 2014  

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Posted at 3:07 AM on June 18, 2014  

EVA IS SO ANNOYING! How does she keep getting away with this crap? She should get caught on at least one lie and not have a story to back it up. Maybe she frustrates me so much because I know a similar compulsive liar….

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Posted at 2:24 AM on June 18, 2014  

It would be nice for the liar to get some of her lies spilled it’s getting kinda ridiculous that she keeps getting away with stuff and staying in tow , Jenna should rekindle with Maddy and maybe have amber be older living as a teen etc needs to get back to being interesting

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Posted at 12:59 AM on June 18, 2014  

This helped a whole lot!!! I recorded the episode in advance and it cut if the part where they were traveling rather Eva/ Amber was pregnat, which made me so mad to find out she was. But seriously though, I hate Eva/ Amber

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