’16 & Pregnant’: Courtney & Savannah Deal With Abstinence & Alcoholism

On the June 16 back-to-back special of '16 & Pregnant,' we met two different teen moms struggling with two very different lifestyles. Courtney and Scott broke all of the rules when they got pregnant with their first child. Now, that Courtney is expecting, she has decided to reclaim her abstinence -- which leaves Scott frustrated and alone. Will their relationship survive Courtney's born-again virgin stance? We also have Savannah, whose alcoholic mom continues to destroy everything around her. Will Savannah find the strength to move on without her mom's support?

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Courtney & Scott Make A Major Mistake

First up on the June 16 double episode special of 16 & Pregnant is Courtney. She’s a senior in high school from Woodland Park, Colorado, who lives with her dad and older sister. Courtney and her family are very religious, and up until she met her boyfriend, Scott, Courtney was wearing a purity ring given to her by her father.

Unfortunately, after just a few months of dating, Courtney gave in to temptation and began having sex with Scott. A few months after that she found out she was pregnant. Uh oh! Courtney’s parents were obviously very disappointed, but Courtney’s unplanned pregnancy actually helped her relationship with God. Not only did she started reading the bible and praying more, she made a vow to become abstinent until her and Scott got married. Even Courtney’s dad was impressed by this, because it is definitely not easy to go from being sexually active to giving it up cold turkey.

Scott seems like a great guy. He is 19, works full time, and even has his own two bedroom apartment. Because they are expecting a baby together, Scott has been trying to convince Courtney to move in with him. This is a great idea as far as their baby is concerned, but Courtney has a lot of fears about giving in to sexual temptation again. Once she finally decides to move in with Scott, she asks that they each have separate bedrooms. Scott agrees, despite his obvious frustrations.

Just a few weeks before their baby is due, Courtney and Scott find out that their son, Dayton, will be born with a left lip. Doctors have no way of telling if it is also a cleft palate. Earlier in the episode, Courtney revealed that she was born with a cleft lip and palate, which was fixed after seven different surgeries. Now, Courtney feels extremely guilty that she has passed this trait down to her son. Scott, on the other hand, seems to have little to zero concern about the cleft lip and continuously assures Courtney that their son will be fine.

Dayton Cash is born at 7lbs with a cleft lip, but there are zero signs of a cleft palate which is a huge relief for Courtney. In fact, she is surprised his cleft lip is so minor, and she believes he will only need one surgery to correct it. Turns out, she is right! Later in the episode, a doctor confirms Dayton to have corrective surgery at eight months. He’s going to look brand new!

While this is going on, Courtney becomes increasingly upset with Scott for not helping more with the baby. Even though she is a stay at home mom while he goes out to work every day, she could use a hand here and there with a diaper change or feeding. However, Scott is equally upset with Courtney because of her abstinence — his frustrations are hitting an all-time high.

On top of this, Courtney realizes that Scott can sometimes go days without holding Dayton. Now she is concerned that he is not properly bonding with Dayton, which could affect him in the future. Scott makes it very clear that he doesn’t think it’s manly to constantly be holding a baby, and he also states that he wants his baby to be independent. Someone should tell Scott that babies can’t be independent when they are just a week or two old.

By the end of the hour, Courtney shares that she feels her and Scott’s very different lives are pulling them in separate directions. Who knows what is in store for these two, but hopefully they work it out for Dayton.

Savannah’s Alcoholic Mom Can’t Be Trusted

Our second teen mom of the night is Savannah, a 17-year-old from Jefferson City, Missouri. Savannah describes herself as shy and artsy, claiming she finally came out of her tortoise shell when she was in high school.

Savannah is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Stone’s baby. The couple were BFF’s for three years before finally going romantic, but things did not work out. Savannah explains that Stone would occasionally talk down to her mom, which neither of them appreciated.

To be fair, Stone is over Savannah’s mom and her drama, and he wants to make sure his child and baby mother are well taken care of. Stone is also working full time and hoping to save money, but right now he stills lives at home, too.

Later in the episode, Savannah brings her mom and Stone out for a lunch meeting to discuss co-parenting. Although occasionally awkward, the three of them are able to discuss a sensible parenting plan.

Sadly, Stone starts acting out after their breakup. Not only did he storm out of Savannah’s baby shower after her grandma insulted his baby name idea, but he also goes out looking for girls with a guy pal. Savannah knows that they are not together, but she confronts him about meeting girls anyway. Stone just gets annoying by the conversation, and eventually they storm off in different directions — reminding us that they are still just hormonal teenagers.

After her fight with Stone, Savannah goes on a “group date” with a few friends — including a handsome guy named Taylor. They have a lot of fun together playing laser tag and eating, and Savannah even spends the night texting Taylor after their first date. Unfortunately, Taylor turns Savannah down when she suggests they get to know each other better — because of her baby.

Just days before Savannah is due to give birth, her mom starts drinking again and even disappears for almost an entire day. Savannah is devastated by her mom’s failure to remain sober, and eventually turns to Stone for emotional support. It’s around this time that Savannah finds out her doctor will need to induce labor, so it was perfect timing for her and Stone to patch things up.

Savannah then gives birth to her son, Rowan James, and he is an adorable little boy! During her labor, both Stone and her mom were by her side.

Once Savannah brings Rowan home, her mom’s sobriety is touch-and-go for a bit before things take a turn for the worse. One night, Savannah comes home to an extremely intoxicated mom who is not even forming complete words or sentences. Fearing the worst for her baby and her little brother, Ben, Savannah calls the police to help her get them out of the house. Savannah also calls Stone, who shows up almost immediately to rescue them from the volatile household.

Savannah finds solace in Stone, but it doesn’t last very long because she soon returns home to check on her mom. Her mom admits that she is struggling with her sobriety, and that she is not strong enough to stay sober on her own. Savannah suggests in-patient rehab, but her mom denies it because she doesn’t think it will work. Instead, her mom agrees to go to AA meetings and try harder to be there for her and her grandson, Rowan.

The end of Savannah’s story is very sad, because her whole life is up in there. What will happen with her mom? What will happen with Stone? Only time will tell.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What do you think about Courtney and Savannah’s stories? Do you think their relationships will survive? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Lauren Cox

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