’16 & Pregnant’: Jordan Struggles With Being Homeless & Pregnant

On the June 9 episode of '16 & Pregnant,' Jordan chooses to be homeless with her unemployed boyfriend, Derek, over the comfort of her parents home. Jordan Cashmyer and Derek Taylor face one of 16 & Pregnant's most difficult scenarios yet: being homeless, broke, AND pregnant. Will Jordan and Derek get their lives together in time for the arrival of their daughter, Genevieve?

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16 and Pregnant Jordan Derek Homeless
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’16 & Pregnant’ — Jordan & Derek Are Homeless

On the Jun 9 episode of 16 & Pregnant we are introduced to Jordan, a sweet teenage girl from Maryland who is currently pregnant.

Jordan’s boyfriend Derek is the father of her baby, and they were living with her parents until Derek lost his job and they kicked him out. Jordan made the decision to move out and never talk to her parents again after they kicked her boyfriend to the curb, so now… they are homeless.

Since neither of the teens are working, they are also broke, which means they are “couch surfing” through a heavy rotation of friends. At the time of their introduction at the beginning of the show, they are sleeping on a friend’s living room floor. Jordan is clearly unhappy with the situation, and often mentions to Derek that he should be looking for work. Derek nods and smiles, but doesn’t seem to compute that he needs an income to support his family.

While discussing how they ended up pregnant, broke, and homeless, Derek tells Jordan that it’s actually her fault. Unfortunately for him he is very wrong about that, and proves it when he says: “I hate condoms. I don’t like the word, I don’t like the idea. It’s like punishment.”

Jordan’s BFF Sugar Is Awesome

Thankfully, Jordan has a really awesome best friend named Sugar who is on her side. Not only is Sugar supportive, but she is always willing to let Jordan hang out and sleepover so that she can get a decent night’s rest in a real bed — something every pregnant woman deserves.

Another reason Sugar is so fantastic? She has no problem getting on Derek’s case about his lack of motivation to find a job. In fact, she is even more vocal about his need for employment than Jordan is.

We soon find out that Sugar got pregnant around the same time Jordan did, but she decided to have abortion. Sugar admits that she did not feel like she was mature enough to have a baby, and that the time didn’t feel right. Jordan admires her bravery, but confesses that having an abortion was never an option for her.

On the happier side of things, Jordan has not disconnected from her entire family. She is still in contact with her grandma Pamela and her aunt Tammy, who she sees from time-to-time. During a visit with Jordan and Derek, Pamela offers them some money so that they can put gas in the car and get around safely. That’s when Jordan asks if it’s possible for them to stay there, but Pamela tells them there simply is not enough room for both of them and a baby.

The disappointment echos throughout the moment, but it’s clear that Pamela wishes she could help her granddaughter more.

Jordan & Derek Find A Stable Place To Live

Shortly after being turned down by Jordan’s grandmother, Derek’s dad calls and tells the couple that he has a friend, Tracy, who is willing to take them in. Jordan is skeptical because she doesn’t know Tracy, but Derek claims he has known her almost his entire life and that it’s worth meeting with her to see what she has to say.

When Jordan and Derek meet with Tracy, she is extraordinarily nice. Not only does she seem genuinely concerned for their well being, but she is willing to jeopardize her mom and let Jordan and Derek move into her living room until they get back on their feet.

The best part? She isn’t even looking to be compensated.

After the young couple moves in to Tracy’s living room, Derek remains unmotivated. He has not looked for a job throughout this whole ordeal, and it is getting closer and closer to Jordan’s due date.

Just when you think things can not get any worse for Jordan and Derek, their car breaks down and they are forced to abandon it. Watching pregnant Jordan have to walk through the snow for a mile is painful. How much more can this girl take?

Since their car broke down, Jordan and Derek get stuck inside the house for a few days. This leads to them getting on each others nerves, especially when Jordan continues to nag Derek about getting a job. Derek finally loses his cool when Jordan tells him they need to stop living in other peoples homes. They have a baby on the way they need to support, and they can’t do that in some stranger’s living room.

Jordan & Derek: Will They Get A Happy Ending?

Eventually they kiss and makeup just in time for their baby shower, which is being thrown by Sugar and her mom. After the shower, Derek promises that he will finally find a job so that they can feel safe and start taking care of themselves and their baby once she arrives.

Of course, that’s when Jordan starts leaking amniotic fluid — which leads doctors to inducing labor. After nine hours of contractions, Jordan gives birth to an adorable baby girl named Genevieve Shae.

When their daughter is one week old, Tracy finds out the house she is renting is being sold at the end of her lease — which gives her and her family 30 days to get out. That includes Derek, Jordan, and their newborn. Tracy also admits that she often gets annoyed when she comes home and finds Derek playing video games instead of out looking for jobs. So, now they have to find somewhere to live. Again.

That’s when Derek’s dad makes them an offer they can’t refuse: they can come and live with him in Texas. He has a 2 bedroom apartment, and he can offer Derek a job working with him. He even offers to pay for their flights there.

Even though Jordan is very hesitant about moving to Texas, Derek finally convinces her that it’s the right thing to do.

“I do not regret Genevieve, but I do regret having her at such a young age,” Jordan tells us at the end of the episode.

Hopefully, things work out for these two!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What do you think about Jordan and Derek’s story? Should Derek have gotten a job? Was moving to Texas a good idea? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Lauren Cox

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