Jason Aldean Shows Off Former Mistress Brittany Kerr At CMTs

Thu, June 5, 2014 11:39am EST by 10 Comments
Brittany Kerr Jason Aldean CMT Music Awards

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Nikki Davis

Posted at 6:19 PM on February 10, 2015  

I’m a little torn about the thing with Jason Aldean. I’m his number 1 fan and love his music. My husband and I r middle school sweethearts and feel I have connection with this situation cuz Jason and his ex-wife were high school sweethearts and I have followed his story for yrs now. I have a softer spot for relationships that start in school and last. I feel that Brittany is to young for Mr.Aldean and his beautiful girls.,but then again I’ve never met either of them. By what I’ve read about him he seems to be a good man and if he’s happy that’s all that matters!😃 So Mr Jason Aldean u keep doing ur thing cuz u do it well, you freakin rock and would give my left and right arm to have a chance for me and my 4yr old son to meet u! 😍 btw I married ur look a-like. Lol With 💚 Ur #1 fan, Nikki Davis. Lavaca, Arkansas

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Posted at 9:57 PM on August 12, 2014  

I don’t think by any means she is a home wrecker ! Let me just say that a man or woman starts to look the other way when they lack there of in their relationship – whatever it may be! Yes it is extremely hard to keep the fire for years upon years and we all make decisions in the moment ITS CALLED LIFE! Just because people are out there living it everyone else gets disgruntled and argumentative about this particular subject because of their opinions! Until you have experienced both sides I don’t feel you completely know the entirety of the situation to comment! Everyone deserves to be happy and he made choices to make himself happy! No that does NOT make him a bad father, in fact I think it proves you should go after what makes you happy! I know of a few couples in my life that have gone through cheating episodes from both females and males and it will either make you realize what you have already is real and want to stay or make you realize ya know it’s just over ….. Not for nothing most of what I’ve heard from true experiences is that the marriage is pretty much over anyway at that point! Best friends of mine who were married for years with children fell out of love and only to find they both here’s on each other several times and decided to end it and ended up with the people they cheated with and are still together with them just about 8 years now ! And the once happily husband and wife are best friends still, and will tell you it was a decision they made for their happiness and don’t regret any of it ! I just wanted to make a point from another persons view from the other side

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Posted at 5:42 PM on June 11, 2014  

If he’ll cheat with you, he’ll cheat on you!!! Read some of his stuff prior to this happening – his wife was his best friend, family man, can’t imagine my life without her and been together since 17. So if he’ll do that to a person whose obviously been by his side (through good and BAD) and the mother of his kids – then doesn’t she not realize that he’s GOING to do the same to her. Some woman REALLY believe that it won’t happen to them – the man was that miserable at home and they are just the better woman. Boy are you a fool…..It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN we will see their “split” story in the headlines…. SMH….

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Posted at 8:01 PM on June 6, 2014  

Clearly she has no respect for herself along with her family. Her apology letter to the public sounded fake, and she just proved that she is not sorry for being a home wrecker. And he’s just as bad, maybe he should read his public letter so he can see how stupid he looks. She looks proud of what she did, and that’s pretty sad!!!

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Guest L

Posted at 8:57 AM on June 6, 2014  

They’re trash-he cheated on his wife and she went after a married man with kids. Now he’s parading her around like nothing happened. Well, a lot of us find it repulsive and unacceptable and I’ll bet his daughters will too when they are old enough to understand. He’s not getting a dime from me, that’s for sure.

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Posted at 2:11 PM on June 5, 2014  

I have no respect for either of them. He is as bad as LeeAnn Rimes. The only person I feel for is the woman who has his children that he cheated on. I wouldn’t buy anything Aldean has his name on.

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Posted at 1:23 PM on June 5, 2014  

so the man isnt allowed to move on? they have been together for some time now, and just now attending public functions together! its nice to see Jason happy again!

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Posted at 1:03 PM on June 5, 2014  

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Guest K

Posted at 12:22 PM on June 5, 2014  

Don’t feel bad for Brittany she knows EXACTLY what she is doing, its called career advancement. She’s more likely to dump the idiot then the other way around. He’s older than her and been married for quite a while, total mid life crisis. When Brittany’s done with him she’ll kick him to the curb and he’ll realize she used him and what a jerk he’s been and what he’s lost, too late. They deserve each other.

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Posted at 12:08 PM on June 5, 2014  

Whats she gonna do when he starts cheating on her?
I’m sure she won’t be surprised.
It always happen.
He cheats on his wife, gets caught, gets divorced.
He is now exclusive with the other woman, until the next one comes along.
Good luck with that!

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