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Family Dollar Manager Freaks Out & Sprays Febreze At Shoplifters — Watch

Tue, June 3, 2014 3:22pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 11 Comments

Well, apparently when you shoplift Febreze you get Febreze to the face! That’s what happened to a group of women who got caught stealing at a Family Dollar and kicked out. Watch the store manager completley flip on the women and then spray them with Febreze!

In Saginaw, Michigan, Gavyn Edlinger was fired from his Family Dollar job after confronting a group of women for shoplifting. When their mother came to pick them up, she had no idea they had shoplifted and he went to the car since they were allegedly selling the item. From, there, it’s all history.

Family Dollar Manager’s Febreze Attack

While it’s a little easier to just watch the video, here’s what went down. The man spoke out to TMZ after the incident and revealed that while he was at  first embarrassed, demanding the man who recorded the altercation take it down, but then decided when he couldn’t return it — he should own it.

In an apology video, posted by TMZ, Gavyn explains that he was just trying to defend the store.

“When I went outside after calling the police to get the license plate, the mother of the car who was driving, she got out of the car. She didn’t even know she was picking them up because she was shoplifting,” Gavyn said.

However in the video, he just doesn’t just yell at the half-open window! The passenger gets out as well as the woman in the back seat and when they go back their car after a screaming fight, he decided to go over to their window and spray Febreze on them!

Gavyn doesn’t regret, but says that he takes his job seriously. Unfortunately she doesn’t have that job anymore. Watch the video then let me know if you’re totally shocked!

— Emily Longeretta

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