‘True Tori’ Reunion: Will Tori & Dean Split? — Truth Revealed

Tue, June 3, 2014 10:10pm EST by 19 Comments

‘True Tori’ has not only put Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott through a whirlwind of emotions, but also viewers! The troubled couple has gotten tons of backlash from fans for exploiting themselves. So what’s the truth? Read on for all of your burning questions — answered!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have put it all out there, and now it’s time to really come clean. Are they still together? Will they get a divorce? Has Dean cheated again? Did he really only cheat with one woman or were there multiple ladies that Tori didn’t know about? True Tori wraps up with the most telling episode of all — Dean comes with a big surprise!

Why Is Tori Still With Dean?

The elephant in the room was addressed right away — why is Tori still with Dean?

Tori explains that she gets angry when people ask her that question because it’s not that easy. She has a family and “four little beings” to take care of with Dean.

“I’m also in love with him,” Tori admits. “I can’t go back and take back eight years.”

Is Tori Actually Surprised Dean Cheated? (They Were Both Married When They Met Each Other!)

Tons of viewers have lashed out at Tori wondering how she could be upset at Dean when she herself (and Dean!) had an affair when they got together! Does Tori realize that this might be karma? A taste of her own medicine?

“Obviously what happened was hurtful to other people, but you can’t help when you fall in love with someone,” Tori explains. “I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

Hmmm…can’t Dean say the same thing right back to Tori?

Why Did Tori & Dean Have Their Kids Televised?

Tori does not feel bad about putting her young children on the show. She says that the kids have known the cameramen forever — actually she’s known the crew longer than she’s known her own kids! (Why, of course!)

“It’s not an uncomfortable situation for them,” mommy dearest says. “They have a good time.”

Tori, however, does say that if her kids ever asked to stop, she of course would. Her kids mean the world to her…so much so that she wants her kids to watch the show when they’re older so that they can see how mommy and daddy got through the tough time. “I’m proud of the woman I have become and I want them to see that.”

Why Didn’t Tori Ask Dean If He Cheated With Multiple Women?

Cue the tears! Right when Tori is asked why she didn’t question Dean about multiple women, she begins to cry and says that she is afraid to find out so she never asked.

“I was afraid. I’m still afraid,” Tori admitted. “I feel like there’s no good answer. If he says that there weren’t any other women, I don’t if right now, I can believe him and trust that that’s true.”

Tori does say that she’s ready to ask Dean now, and she will on the reunion…

…Oh wait, fast forward and she doesn’t ask. Thanks, Tori, for the false hope — now we’ll never know! (Until next week’s lost footage episode, that is?)

Was Dean’s Affair Fake — All Made Up For TV?

Most viewers thought it was pathetic that Tori and Dean decided to broadcast the aftermath of his affair on national TV, but some thought it didn’t even happen! Was the cheating scandal completely made up for publicity?

“I wish she didn’t exist,” says Tori. “I wish it hadn’t happened…I don’t know who would fake something to have this happen to your life.”

So then why can’t anyone effectively google Emily Goodhand?

“People get their histories scrubbed all the time…there are things you can do to erase your profiles online,” explains Dean. “She exists.”

Mhmm. We’re sure she does, Dean.

What’s Dean’s Big Surprise For Tori?

Some people were expecting a new wedding band, others were expecting divorce papers. But that’s not what Dean delivered on the reunion.

He showed off his hot bod for his wifey — with tattooed wedding vows on his rib cage, just to match Tori’s! (And don’t forget, Dean also has Tori’s name tatted right above his…yep, you guessed it.)

Dean leaned back, lifted up his shirt, basked in all of his glory and Tori read the fresh ink aka her vows that she wrote to Dean — the ones that he broke. Dean promises that he’ll never break those vows again. (But he broke our eyes a bit.)

But wait, there’s more! Dean has another surprise! Is it Emily Goodhand in the flesh?!

Nope, it’s just Dean serenading Tori. That’s right — if you stuck through the entire episode, you would have been lucky enough to see Dean singing a song to Tori. (Let’s hope that he’s better in the kitchen — ahem, Chopped Canada — than he is on the guitar.)

Do Tori & Dean Still Sex?

So has the couple had sex since Dean’s cheating? “I don’t want to answer that,” Tori says, insisting it’s too personal.

That totally makes sense coming from the woman who starred on an entire season of True Tori, right?

HollywoodLifers, are you happy for Tori and Dean that they’ve seemingly worked things out or do you think that they’re past the point of no return? Let us know if you think True Tori was too exploitative or if it was a good idea for the couple!

– Elizabeth Wagmeister

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Lydia Kosthorst

Posted at 12:02 PM on October 29, 2014  

I’ve been married for 45 years. We have had our ups and downs for sure. But I think Dean needs to stop with the lip service and put up or shut up…I think it is time to stop with the gestures and act. Tori is clearly beyond overwhelmed with their situation and her hunger for a normal family life. So step up get some cash flowing into the family – do something really meaningful and stop making excuses for being such a sad excuse of a husband make life like that wonderful vacation – cohesive and happy Marriage takes real work and it is never 50 / 50 Right now Dean needs to make Tori the center of his focus instead of him self and his needs – She needs to get healthy-Clearly she is the stronger person in this relationship but you can not carry the load alone forever. BUCK UP DEAN

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Posted at 10:16 PM on October 26, 2014  

She’s making a huge mistake. Any man who would cheat on his wife doesn’t think his vows are important enough to honor. Tori should know this better than anyone else, he was married (so was she) when they met and fell in love. Tru Tori is a farce, laughable, not believable, and again we have filthy rich people who just aren’t happy in their lives. He’ll cheat again and if she doesn’t believe that, it’s all on her. Tru Tori – write-off for me – in same category as Honey Boo Boo, 19 Kids and Counting, My 5 Wives, Breaking Amish and The Little Couple. Take them all off – we won’t be missing anything.

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Posted at 1:46 AM on July 27, 2014  

I don’t know what I would do, if I were in her shoes, but I think these days people don’t believe in working things out. It is so easy just to give up and get out. What ever happened, to the part in their wedding vow, which says, Through Good Times and bad and In sickness and health. You all know what I am saying.

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Posted at 7:26 AM on June 5, 2014  

I wouldn’t say I had respect for Tori but I did think it was brave airing this to the world because I’ve gone through that pain. After watching the reunion however, I will never watch another thing she is in. I was completely disgusted when she stated you can’t help falling in love even when you’re already married. She’s a pathetic excuse for a woman and she needs a man to validate her existence. She deserves what happened and it will happen again. I’m happy Karma smacked her across the face HARD and that his first wife got to see it aired on national TV. I bet she is laughing.

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Posted at 3:45 AM on June 5, 2014  

On the show last night when tori was asked if she felt bad for his first wife because she broke up their marriage I couldn’t believe she could not admitt that she had anything to do with it and would not say she was sorry for breaking up a family,instead she said I don’t blame the girl that dean had sex with I blame dean omg really. I noticed on the show that she never called his girlfriend any names which is unusually for a wife out of anger not to call her a slut or something, well she can’t because she did the same thing. She said they fell in love. Well honey if you were both married and he start flirting with you and you no that he has a 7 year old son and a 1month old baby then doesn’t a bell go off in your head that he’s a pig? For god sake a man that can walk away from his wife and children that fast is a scum and now it happened to you. If he had an affair with someone like demi Moore he would have left you too like his first wife to further his career like you did when he married you, can’t you see that’s why he married you. If it was someone famous he would have left you and your 4 kids and never looked back like he did to his first 2 children. He is a terrible dad,but I do have to sy your kids do come first with you. If his first wife and kids don’t matter why do you think that you and your children would. I know you said he was your sole mate but now you no the truth. I wish you and your beautiful children the best of luck

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Posted at 9:52 AM on June 5, 2014  

I agree and if she doesn’t let him go she is making a worse mistake for her children than if she stays.

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Posted at 11:25 AM on June 4, 2014  

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Posted at 11:10 AM on June 4, 2014  

How ironic is it that Tori and Deans therapist Dr. Wexler was the same one Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed used when they had marriage problems on their show….Could it be for ratings!!

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Peggy Sue Deminck

Posted at 10:33 AM on June 4, 2014  

He had her name tatted down there and it didn’t stop him from cheating…..do u really think tatting the vows will stop him!? Duh!

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Donna Parker

Posted at 10:18 AM on June 4, 2014  

Everyone had problems. People make mustakes. Judge not that ye also will be judged. Cast no stones .I hope and wish them the best and their children. Hope they put God first than healing will come. Prayets are with this family !

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Posted at 11:20 AM on June 4, 2014  

It is spelled mistakes.. Oh my gosh!

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Posted at 10:12 PM on October 26, 2014  

It is spelled mistakes ????? Use proper grammar yourself.

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Posted at 3:10 AM on June 4, 2014  

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scott bradelly

Posted at 2:49 AM on June 4, 2014  

Tori is very intelligent and hard worker. I ve seen many time in movies she always focused on her work.

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Posted at 12:30 AM on June 4, 2014  

Dean is so gross and always has been! He has always played to the cameras! Such a media whore I can not believe he sang a song at the end or the program. Everything he does is for him and to get his face time in front of a camera!

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Posted at 11:21 AM on June 4, 2014  

He looks like he needs a shower!

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Posted at 12:17 AM on June 4, 2014  

I grew up watching tori spelling movies and 90210 and I watch the reality TV show of toris family and this new true tori and all I can say is follow your heart tori … There were moments you could feel your heart renched pain and I felt for you and all you and your family is going through .. But I think you are a strong woman for staying by his side through this mess he created .. It takes courage and strength to forgive and get through something like that … You say I don’t just want to make it through and yes it will be that way until your heart can heal and u can overcome and trust again but in the end a stronger love will come from it … You are not weak for not giving up your marriage and the man u love .. You have a family and you are trying so hard to put that back together .. I respect u for it …

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Posted at 11:32 AM on June 4, 2014  

No sympathy for a woman who did the same thing to his first wife. The whole show was a train wreck and the only sympathy I have is for the children~ including Dean’s son with Mary Jo. Whether her heart is “wretched” is debatable. Either way, hope this is the last we see of this mess.

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Posted at 11:59 PM on June 3, 2014  

if this girl “scrubbed” herself from the internet, I am sure there are a lot of people that would like to do that too, she has a great job awaiting her! lol

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