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50 Cent Throws Embarrassing First Pitch At The Mets Game — Watch

Wed, May 28, 2014 11:32am EDT by HL Intern 2 Comments

It’s a good thing that 50 Cent can rap as well as act because he sure can’t throw a baseball! The celebrity stepped up to the plate and threw a shockingly terrible first pitch at the Mets home game. Check it out!

Curtis James Jackson III, also known as 50 Cent, was asked to throw the first pitch at the Mets game on May 27, but no one knew that he wouldn’t know how to throw the ball! Take a look — it’s a must-see!

50 Cent Throws Terrible First Pitch At Mets Game — No Baseball Career Any Time Soon

5o Cent was given the honor to throw the first pitch for the Mets game on May 27. However, he didn’t quite take advantage of the opportunity — his pitch went wide left and didn’t come even close to the catcher, Anthony Recker, on home plate!

We’ve seen toddlers throw better than that!

His left-handed throw sailed so far left that it almost hit a cameraman! The cameraman was standing far enough away from the plate that, ordinarily, he would have been able to completely avoid getting hit, but clearly he was not far enough!

Keep your cool, 50 Cent! Mets pitcher, Jonathan Niese, and 50 Cent laughed off the embarrassing throw, as fans threw up their hands disappointment.

50 Cent’s New Album, ‘Animal Ambition’, Hits To Be Released June 3

However, even though he proved fairly definitively that he can’t throw a baseball, he sure can rap!

His new album, Animal Ambition, featuring songs “Chase The Paper” and “Don’t Worry ‘Bout It,” will be available to the public on June 3 — get ready for some new hits!

So, HollywoodLifers, was his pitch embarrassing or what? Do you think he was faking it or can he really not throw a baseball? Stick to your day job, 50 Cent! Let us know what you think!

— Sammi Errico

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