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Father Throws Little Girl, 2, Into Pool As ‘Punishment’ — Shocking Video

Mon, May 19, 2014 1:06pm EDT by Lauren Cox 7 Comments
Man Throws Baby In Pool
Courtesy of AZ Family

A horrifying new video shows the moment a young dad threw his baby girl, 23 months, into a pool face-first. The man later claimed he did it to teach his daughter a lesson. Was that an appropriate punishment?

Corey McCarthy did not think twice about endangering the life of his daughter Mia, 23-months-old, when he sought out to punish her. In a disturbing video uncovered by Mia’s mom, Samantha, the angry young dad torments his little girl by holding her over the water before carelessly tossing her into the water face-first without any protective gear.

Father Throws Toddler Into Pool As Punishment

This is unbelievable.

Corey McCarthy, an Arizona man, wanted to punish his daughter for dropping a 5-week-old puppy into their pool, so he decided that the best way to do so would be by throwing her face-first into the water.

A nearby surveillance camera caught his horrifying actions, which was later discovered by his daughter Mia’s mom, Samantha.

In the video, which is disturbing to watch, the man dangles his daughter over the water to scare her. Then, he continuous to torment the terrified little girl as he pretends he is going to throw her into the water.

Suddenly, without any warning, he lifts her up into the air and finally lets go — which leaves Mia flying into the pool water face-first.

You can clearly see that she is not wearing any protective gear or floatation devices, and as soon as she hits the water she begins to sink. As this is happening, Corey just stands there and watches completely unphased.

Any normal parent would jump in after her, or rush around to the other side and grab her before she goes underwater, but not Corey. We can only imagine this scared little girl — barely 2-years-old — gasping for air and struggling to swim. It’s just awful to watch.

However, an unidentified blonde woman was in the pool the entire time Corey was torturing his daughter. Any time he held her over the water, you can see the blonde woman quickly rush over so that she is nearby just in case.

Sadly, when Corey finally threw his daughter into the water, the blonde woman was quite a few feet away and had to dive underwater to save the little girl. By the looks of the video, she was not aware that Corey was actually going to throw his daughter into the pool.

We are just grateful that she was there, and that she got to Mia before it was too late.

WATCH: Disturbing Footage Of A Father Throwing His Daughter In The Pool


Father Charged With Child Abuse For Throwing Daughter Into Pool

Once Samantha found the footage of Corey throwing their daughter into the water, she called the police.

Samantha told that when she first saw the video, she screamed as soon as she saw her daughter hit the water. Knowing that Mia was already safe and sound, her fear for her daughter’s life immediately turned to anger towards Corey.

“I am very angry and I’m very hurt and I just hope that my kids are going to be OK from this,” Samantha told the outlet.

“People make mistakes, but this is past a poor decision and a mistake. This is a child.”

Since Corey’s arrest, he is being held in county jail on two counts of child abuse. Sources close to Corey’s family told news outlets that he is currently in the jail infirmary because he was recently beaten up by other prisoners.

— Lauren Cox

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