Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Movie: First Look At Vivid New Trailer

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 will probably go down in history as one of the greatest mysteries and tragedies of our time. And like almost all great tragedies a movie is being made about it. Click above to see the first trailer from the upcoming film. A movie about the Missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 is in the works. The film, entitled The Vanishing Act, is being pitched at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival by Indian director Rupesh Paul.

Malaysian Airlines Flight 270 Movie: First Look At New Trailer

On May 17, Rupesh presented the idea of the film to potential investors with a 90-second teaser trailer. 

The trailer features a hired cast of terrified passengers aboard an aircraft similar to the real-life Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 that went missing two months ago. Rupesh also carries with him a poster with the tag line, “The untold story of the vanished Malaysian flight,” according to Variety.

“People ask me one thing,” Rupesh explained in an interview with Variety. “If you’re saying a theory and suddenly the flight is found and it’s totally the opposite, your investment will be wasted. We will be fools. That’s the biggest challenge I’m facing.”

Rupesh also revealed that he doesn’t think the families of the missing passengers would find his film hurtful. “I will make sure no passengers will be hurt because of this,” he said.

This movie is just the latest in a series of sad, strange, and confusing developments surrounding the aircrafts disappearance in March.

Missing Malaysia Flight 370 First Trailer Released At Cannes Film Festival

The aircraft and all 279 passengers aboard went missing over the Indian Ocean in March of this year. Multiple search and rescue missions were launched but none of them turned up any clear sign of the missing plane.

For 50 plus days crews searched for wreckage  in multiple areas off the coast of Australia but nothing was found. Search crews even tried to go high-tech and used an underwater device designed to find the signal of the aircrafts “black box.” That search turned up nothing as well.

The Prime Ministers of both Australia and Malaysai staged multiple press conference confirming that the plane was lost and that it might never be found again.

HollywoodLifers, is this a movie you would want to go see? Do you think it’s too soon for this film to be made? Let us know what’s on your mind.

— Bryant Perkins

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