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Boy Saved By Cat: Tara Was a Stray Who Followed The Family Home

Fri, May 16, 2014 5:01pm EDT by Lauren Cox 5 Comments

The heroic cat who saved a little boy’s life as he was being attacked by the neighbor’s dog has been with the Triantafilo family since they adopted her in 2008. One night she followed them home, and the rest is history!

Roger and Erika Triantafilo happily welcomed Tara into their family in 2008 after the stray quickly bonded with their infant son, Jeremy. The loving kitty even used to sleep curled up at his side at night while he was still in a crib. Tara is the best cat ever!

Tara The Cat Followed Triantafilo Family Home

We are just SO in love with Tara the cat!

After we saw the wild video in which she bravely attacked a dog twice her size to save a little boy, we knew that she was something special.

Now her family is confirming it — and Tara is even more special than we could have ever assumed.

The Triantafilo family happily adopted Tara in 2008 when she randomly followed them back to their Bakersfield, California home. At the time, little Jeremy was just an infant, and Tara was quick to form a bond with him.

Tara The Hero Cat & Family To Throw Out First Pitch At Baseball Game

Before they knew it, Erika and Roger watched Tara and Jeremy become the best of friends — even sleeping with him in his crib nightly, according to the interview the family did with the Bakersfield Californian. Tara seems like just the sweetest little kitty!

However, Erika shared that this was the first time Tara ever had to defend her son Jeremy. The 4-year-old cat ultimately saved little Jeremy’s life when she chased off the neighbor’s dog who attacked the boy from behind and dragged him off of his bicycle in the Triantafilo’s own driveway.

Erika also joked that poor Tara is usually tormented daily by her three children, including Jeremy’s 2-year-old twin siblings.

Boy Saved By Cat: Full Surveillance Video Of Vicious Dog Attack

“My kids are absolutely awful to her. They tug on her tail, they pull on her ears, they try to lift her up and carry her around — which obviously doesn’t work for a 2-year-old quite as well,” Erika told the outlet.

“I think they’ve sat on her, they’ve jumped on her and she just looks at them with that annoyed cat look that all cats have and takes it. [Tara] really is the most amazing cat.”

Hopefully Jeremy will be a little nicer to Tara now that she has saved his life! Either way, we know they will continue to be the best of pals.

— Lauren Cox

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