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Boy Saved By Cat: Full Surveillance Video Of Vicious Dog Attack

Thu, May 15, 2014 4:27pm EDT by Lauren Cox 8 Comments

The 45-minute-long surveillance video of the boy who was saved by his cat has JUST been released. Plus, it shows the moment his mother frantically tried to keep the dog from returning and further harming her son.

Roger and Erika Triantafilo are now sharing the full-length video of the moment their 4-year-old son, Jeremy, was attacked by their neighbor’s dog.

Boy Saved By Cat: Full Video Released

There seems to be a lot of questions surrounding the surveillance video that showed the moment a toddler was attacked by his neighbor’s dog.

In the original 57-second-long video, the boy’s mother comes running to his aid — and then quickly gets up and runs away.

However, the full 45-minute-long video shows that the mother ran around to the other side of the car to ensure the vicious dog would not return to attack her son again.

CLICK TO WATCH: Cat Saves Little Boy In Full-Length Video

“I did not include that video because it was not so much about the dog but about the cats actions,” explained Roger, Jeremy’s father. He is the one who originally edited the footage and uploaded the wild video to YouTube.

Once the coast is clear, the mother runs back to where her son is. Seconds later she can be seen carrying the traumatized little boy while yelling at someone who is not on-camera.

Behind her is Tara, the cat that saved her son, sitting underneath the parked SUV.

Further into the video you can see two adult neighbors, presumably the dog owners, standing in their driveway and calling 911. Another angle even shows the moment two paramedics arrived, and their attempt at treating the boy before an ambulance arrived.

Jeremy’s mom, Erika, later told reporters she was not even sure what had really happened until her husband played back their security camera footage.

At the time of the attack, she was just a few feet away watering the plants in front of their home. In this new extended video, you can see water spray in front of the camera before Jeremy’s mother comes into view as she runs to save her son.

— Lauren Cox

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