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Three Kids Seriously Injured After Bounce House Takes Them Airborne

Wed, May 14, 2014 4:46pm EDT by Lauren Cox 3 Comments
Kids Injured Bounce House Accident
Courtesy of South Glens Falls Police Dept

Two little boys and one girl are in critical condition after the inflatable bounce house they were playing in on May 12 was lifted up into the sky by a sudden gust of wind. Each child fell out of the toy while it was airborne, crashing to the ground from 20 feet up.

The parents of three different children experienced sheer terror when their children were whisked up into the sky while playing inside of an inflatable house in South Glen Falls, New York.

Three Children Injured In Bounce House Accident

This is terrifying.

Three kids were safely playing inside an inflatable bounce house that was securely tied down and spiked into the ground on a residential front lawn when it took off without warning.

A surprisingly strong gust of wind knocked the bounce house right up into the air, which led to the three children suffering from serious injuries.

While the little girl was left with just a few cuts and bruises, one little boy was dropped onto the asphalt from at least 15 feet up in the air, while the second little boy was dropped onto a parked car from 20 feet up.

Parents and neighbors watched in horror as the two boys fell from the sky and crashed down onto the asphalt. The second little boy hit his head on the bumper of the parked car before falling to the ground. Both boys are stable, but suffering from very serious injuries, according to WNYT.

“It dropped off the first little kid in the middle of the road, then it came the other way, it passed over my apartment, it dropped the second one, he hit his head on the back of my car and then he fell to the ground,” a witness told the local news channel.

The Bounce House Owner Feels ‘Horrible’

Though the bounce house was set up and securely staked into the ground, the owner feels absolutely awful about the three children who were injured. His children were not playing in the bounce house at the time of the incident.

However, a neighbor assured the local news channel that the owner did set it up properly, therefore this could not be his fault.

“I actually watched the fellow that put it up and he staked it and he did everything correctly. All the kids were having fun until they screamed to me to come down and I saw that,” the neighbor explained.

According to witnesses, the bounce house continued to elevate into the sky and may have reached heights of over 50 feet in the air.

This will definitely make you think twice before allowing your children to play in another inflatable attraction.

— Lauren Cox

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