‘The Originals’ Season Finale Recap: [Spoiler] Returns To Save Klaus’ Baby

'The Originals' finale was an incredible end to a fantastic first season. Klaus, Elijah and Hayley fought valiantly to protect the baby and a fan-favorite character returned! Season one of The Originals ended on an epic scale. The May 13 finale featured the arrival of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley's (Phoebe Tonkin) baby girl, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Klaus reconciled their differences and someone made a shocking return! Let's head to New Orleans one last time before season two!

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‘The Originals’ Recap: Deliver Us From Evil

The beginning of The Originals finale was a dream sequence, which meant that things were not well in New Orleans. Hayley was writing a letter to her baby girl, telling her how much she loved her. Flash to the present where the witches were holding her down, forcing her into labor. Klaus ran into the church and was beyond angry. The witches easily subdued him and pinned him against the wall. Genevieve (Elyse Levesque) picked up a rather large knife and said the delivery would be quick! (Ruh roh.)

Davina (Danielle Campbell) came to the compound and found Marcel and Cami (Leah Pipes) trying to help Marcel’s army. Marcel told Davina he needed Klaus’s blood to heal him and she went to where they fought and started chanting. Josh (Steven Krueger) showed up and Davina told him that she was going to save everyone. That’s when she started lifting Klaus’s blood up with a spell.

Hayley had the baby and she was beautiful. However, Genevieve said the sacrifice was to start as soon as the moon set. Genevieve allowed Hayley to hold the baby, but Monique (Yasmine Al-Bustami) slit Hayley’s throat! Klaus was forced to watch as Hayley bled out.

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) ran into the church and found Klaus holding Hayley’s body. “She’s gone,” Klaus uttered. Both Klaus and Elijah were dumbfounded at Hayley’s death. Klaus saw that Elijah had been bitten by a werewolf and Klaus immediately gave Elijah his blood.

Davina returned with Klaus’s leftover blood, but Marcel said it was only enough for one. “I can’t choose,” Davina cried. “Please don’t make me choose.” Marcel allowed Davina to save Josh, even if it meant giving up his own life. Marcel set off to find Klaus and save as many of his guys as possible and Cami had a weapon to use as arsenal. Cami took Marcel and Davina to Kieran’s (Todd Stashwick) secret lair!

‘The Originals’ Recap: Reborn Again

Klaus admitted his defeat and Elijah was none too happy with his invincible brother being bested. Klaus told Elijah the witches took the baby, but there was still time to save her. Klaus knew the witches had to be in the cemetery and they headed straight there. However, the witches had created an illusion of the cemetery to throw them off. It was basically a huge maze. (Those witches are very crafty.)

“This is the world you created, Niklaus,” Elijah said He started to blame Klaus’s scheming as the cause for Hayley’s death and the baby’s kidnapping. “I let this person in,” Elijah told Klaus about Hayley. “I don’t let people in. You’ve taken her from me. I needed her and you’ve broken me.” Klaus said he could honor Hayley by saving the baby. However, there was no need for that because Hayley was alive and she remembered everything! (Rejoice!)

Davina and Mikael (Sebastian Roché) worked together to bring him back to life so he could kill Klaus. She needed a miracle baby to complete the spell. Mikael was uncertain if Davina had the power to bring him back, but he had underestimated the tiny witch. She started the spell and it was a brutal one.

Meanwhile, Elijah and Klaus were still trying to find way out of the witches’ illusion. Suddenly, Hayley appeared and the brothers were shocked. Klaus realized Hayley had died with the baby’s blood in her system, so she was in transition. In order to complete the transition into a hybrid, she had to drink her own baby’s blood!

‘The Originals’ Recap: Endless Love

Elijah, Hayley and Klaus ran toward the witches, while Mikael was being brought back to life. Elijah threw a pot at Genevieve to try and stop her from killing the baby. Monique and Abigail (Alexa Yeames) pushed the three of them back with their magic. That didn’t stop the terrific trio for long. Hayley beat down Genevieve and Klaus killed Abigail! Monique grabbed the knife and was prepared to stab the baby, but Marcel threw a weapon he found in Kieran’s secret lair and killed her! Marcel took the baby and fled and Klaus bolted after him.

Marcel took the baby to the compound where he found his friends dead. He knew something had happened to them while he was gone. Klaus knew Marcel had taken the baby so he could heal him and his friends. Klaus was fully prepared to give his blood over to Marcel, but Marcel had something to say. He apologized for bringing back Mikael all those years ago. Klaus was grateful for Marcel saving his daughter and gave him his blood. “We will take down whoever brought this upon us,” Klaus told Marcel. “I swear it.”

Marcel handed Klaus the baby and he was in love instantly. She was even calm in his arms. Mikael watched as Klaus was finally happy with his new baby. He was seething, but had the stake that would subdue Klaus! Mikael realized something wasn’t quite right and went back to Davina. Davina said she wanted to punish Klaus too, but on her own terms. Mikael was to do Davina’s bidding and she would let him out when she was ready.

Elijah chained Genevieve up. Genevieve tried to plead her case. It was all because of Esther (Alice Evans). The witches would consecrate the baby in New Orleans soil. Not even death could prevent Esther from trying to wipe out vampires. As long as the baby lived, the witches would never stop hunting her. She told Elijah and Hayley to tell Klaus she was sorry. Hayley went up to Genevieve and stabbed her and said, “I’m not.”

‘The Originals’ Recap: Hello Again, Old Friend

Klaus knew that the baby was the ultimate weapon for his enemies to use against him. The witches were after the baby and the guerrera wolves would be coming for her because she was royalty. Elijah said they would fight their enemies together or they would leave. Klaus didn’t want to see his baby locked up. Hayley discovered another option. The only other option was to send her away so they could clean up the mess they had created. Klaus said he would do whatever it took to save the baby and that meant faking the baby’s death!

Marcel called Oliver (Chase Coleman) to strike a deal. He made Oliver think that the wolves had killed Klaus’s baby and left a dead baby in a box for him. Oliver was completely shocked. Marcel played his part in the cover-up nicely. He agreed to forget what he knew about the baby in exchange for vials of Klaus’s blood. Klaus knew the witches would buy the scheme, but they had to act like they were in mourning.

Word got out that the baby was dead and the town was in mourning. Cami was distraught and ran straight to Klaus. Klaus said she died a few hours after the guerrera attack. Cami blamed herself, but Klaus said it was all on him. Then, Klaus told Cami they couldn’t be friends. Klaus admitted Cami was right all along about him and anything he thought was beautiful would be taken from him. “You are beautiful,” he told Cami. He told her to go, but she didn’t want to. They shared a sweet moment and then Cami ran away crying.

Elijah pricked the baby’s finger and allowed Hayley to feed on her before saying goodbye. Klaus left Elijah and Hayley in New Orleans to show their grief to the public. Klaus took the baby to the one person he knew he could trust: Rebekah (Claire Holt)!

“She looks like her mother,” Rebekah said. “She has a hint of the devil in her eyes,” Klaus replied. “That’s all me.” Klaus told Rebekah she would need a witch to supply a cloaking spell. “Perhaps we’ll get a white fence,” Rebekah said. (Sob.)

“You will return to me,” Klaus told his baby.  Despite their differences, Klaus knew Rebekah was the one person he could trust with his daughter’s life. “She will be happy, Nik,” Rebekah said. “I promise.” Rebekah asked for her name and Klaus said it was Hope!

However, the Originals and the rest of New Orleans have their hands full, because new faces appeared in the final moments who are set to wreak havoc on New Orleans. They laid a rose on Esther’s grave and said they had much to do!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of The Originals finale? Were surprised at Rebekah’s return? How much did you cry when Klaus and Hayley had to say goodbye to baby Hope? What do you think is in store for season two? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson

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