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Miranda Fugate: I Might Lose My Hearing After Getting Hit With Shovel

Thu, May 8, 2014 12:00pm EDT by 14 Comments
Miranda Fugate Shovel Girl Injuries
Courtesy of Vine, Twitter

This sounds (sorry, no pun intended) about right. Two days after the video of Miranda getting pummeled in the head with a shovel went viral on May 5, she gave an interview detailing the altercation — along with the immediate aftermath and her visit to the hospital. Read on to see what the infamous “Shovel Girl” had to say.

After watching Miranda Fugate take a shovel to the back of her head for the twentieth time, most people likely then wondered how badly the 18-year-old was injured. Thankfully Miranda, who is not in a coma, gave an interview on May 7 detailing her hospital visit and injuries — and they’re about as brutal as you’d expect.

Miranda Fugate Reveals Her Shovel-Related Injuries

Miranda, the “star” of a Vine video that went viral on May 5, said she blacked out immediately after her skull hit the pavement, in an interview with Rover’s Morning Glory in Cleveland, Oh.

“My head bounced off the pavement and after that, I was crying for them to take me to the hospital. I was completely blacked out,” Miranda said. “I don’t really remember much. The last thing I remember is my head hitting the cement and then being off in the cornfield. It hurt a lot.”

Considering Miranda’s extensive blackout, it’s no surprise that she was diagnosed with a concussion, but doctors are also worried about her hearing! “I ended up with a concussion and blood behind my eardrum. My ear was bleeding from the inside. I have to go to an ear doctor because I might not be able to hear.”

Well that’s not good!

Shovel Girl’s Health Woes Continue

But at least Miranda had the presence of mind to actually go to the hospital — she almost decided not to. The 18-year-old admitted that she initially just went home after the fight, and it took her eight hours before heading to see a doctor.

“After I got hit in the head I just kind of laughed at myself about it and thought it was funny,” Miranda said. “Then I realized I might have a concussion and probably shouldn’t go to sleep for awhile.” Clearly, though her head was not in the right place because of that whole shovel to the head thing, Miranda made the right call.

But Miranda isn’t quite out of the woods yet in terms of her health: “They called me this morning and said there’s something wrong with the CAT scan and if I throw up today or start feeling weird I need to come back immediately because they didn’t look through it enough the first time and they found something.”

So, um, stay tuned?

— Andrew Gruttadaro

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