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Miranda Fugate’s Ex Reveals: She Loves To Fight People

Thu, May 8, 2014 5:47pm EDT by 7 Comments
Miranda Fugate Fights
Courtesy of Miranda Fugate & Jaedin Dickerson

Two days after Jaedin Dickerson and Miranda split on May 3, he woke up to find out that his ex was a viral sensation for taking a shovel to the head. And while the 17-year-old was shocked to see Miranda blow up on the internet, he told EXCLUSIVELY that he wasn’t surprised to see that she’d gotten herself into another violent fight.

The shovel shot to the head Miranda Fugate took on May 3, a Vine of which has made her an instant internet star, may have been her first ever, but as her ex-boyfriend Jaedin Dickerson told exclusively, it definitely wasn’t her first fight.

Miranda Fugate’s Ex Reveals Her Fighting Past

In an exclusive interview, Jaedin told us that Miranda has constantly been in trouble because of fighting. “She’s very violent,” the 17-year-old said, while also revealing that Miranda is only 14, as opposed to 18, the age she gave to Rover’s Morning Glory in an interview on May 7.

So the video in question of Miranda getting hit in the back of the skull with a shovel after a fight with a 15-year-old girl escalated didn’t really shock Jaedin. “I could tell she had it coming,” he said. “She’s a mess.” Jaedin also revealed that Miranda has gotten in trouble for fighting in school and that she has a reputation for partying as well.

For some (crazy) background, Jaedin and Miranda broke up on May 3 — the day of the now infamous fight — because “I found out that she was cheating on me with some dude,” Jaedin revealed. That dude ended up being the one Miranda and her shovel-throwing foe were fighting over.

So don’t expect a reunion between Jaedin and Miranda — he’s not interested, regardless of her newfound fame. “She’s not really the type of person I want to have around,” Jaedin told us (perhaps a recent revelation of his). “Famous or not, I look at that person and she’s not someone I want in my life.”

Shovel Girl Admits: ‘I Have A Lot Of Anger Problems’

Miranda’s May 7 interview actually lines up with Jaedin’s assertion that she gets into a lot of fights, because the internet star didn’t shy away from talking about her scuffles. First of all, when talking about how she laid down the rules of her fight with the girl in the video, Miranda said, “I have had to explain that to a lot of people.”

She also admitted, “A lot of girls don’t even know me but like to call me names. I go up to them and ask them what they were saying and if they won’t admit it to me, or they do admit it to me, either way we’re going to fight because I know they said it.

“I do have a lot of drama and I wish I could say I started it all but I don’t start it,” Miranda added. “I hate drama but I seem to get put into it a lot. I have a lot of anger problems.”

Maybe Miranda will take it down a notch after that severe concussion-via-shovel?

— Andrew Gruttadaro, Reporting by Eric Ray

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