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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Mimi Faust Releases Sex Tape — ‘I’m A Porn Star’

Wed, May 7, 2014 11:58pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 7 Comments

‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ made Mimi Faust a star, but that sex tape made Mimi a superstar. So it only makes sense that she revealed all about her X-rated tape on the May 7 episode!

If you thought that Scandal In Atlanta was crazy, just wait until you hear what went down on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s newest episode. Mimi Faust came clean about her sex tape with Nikko Smith and she owns it! Keep reading for a recap of the dirty details that Mimi revealed on the show!

Stevie J Finds Out About Mimi’s Sex Tape

Joseline is ready for her wedding to Stevie J, but he insists that he has more important things to deal with: he’s caught wind of Mimi’s sex tape.

“Mimi. She’s bugging out right now,” says Stevie, who says that his daughter is the most important and he’s concerned if her mother has a sex tape out there.

Mimi Finds Out That Her Sex Tape Was Leaked — Her Crazy Reaction

Mimi and Nikko’s sex tape was leaked by an unknown source and Mimi freaks out when she finds out about it!

“As if having my naked ass plastered all over the internet wasn’t enough, today I wake up, and Nikko tells me that the biggest porn company in the world wants us to fly to LA because they have our sex tape. What the f*ck!”

“I never thought my life would spin so out of control, so fast and so hard, all because Nikko can’t keep track of his f*cking camera?!”

“So basically, I’m a f*cking porn star by default?”

Nikko & Mimi Meet With Vivid Entertainment

Nikko says him and Mimi should see what Vivid Entertainment has to say about their sex tape deal, adding that they’ll probably offer a lot of “paper.” Mimi is worried about her daughter and tells Nikko that she wants smack the sh*t out of him right now.

But, Mimi and Stevie head to Vivid in Los Angeles to see what the porn honcho has to offer.

“In no time, I went from making private videos with my man to having my naked ass all of the internet to now sitting in front of one of the biggest porn producers. Is this really my life?”

The head of Vivid says that he’s acquired the tape and he wants to distribute it. Mimi is clearly distraught and asks how he even got the tape. He says that he can’t disclose that information, but that if they decide to let it be released, they can make a ton of money. If not, they run the risk of someone else releasing the X-rated footage.

Mimi freaks out because she has a little girl. But Nikko points out that why should someone else profit off of their sex life when they can?  Vivid convinces them to make a ton of money.

And, you all know what happened from there.

“What the f*ck! One day I’m a mom, and the next day I’m sending out my sex tape? Am I supposed to be happy about this opportunity? Because I’m not!”

Mimi Decides To Sign A Deal & Release The Sex Tape

Mimi decides that since the tape will most likely get out anyway, she might as well sign the deal and make some money for her daughter. Because it’s the responsible thing to do, right?

“There’s only one decision here.”

Mimi’s friends are pissed that they didn’t know about the sex tape, but Mimi tells them that she was offered a huge deal by a major porn company, and the deed is done.

“I can let this tape run around for free or I can be a f*cking business woman about this sh*t and capitalize off of it…that’s what I’m gonna do!”

Her friends point out that she’s a porn star now. They don’t agree with her decision to release the tape. But, Mimi is already on her way to sex tape fame.

Mimi Meets With Stevie J Who Knows About The Tape

As we know, Stevie has a strong hunch that Mimi has a sex tape so the two agree to meet.

When Mimi meets Stevie at a restaurant, he tells her that she’s “looking real fresh these days” and asks, “How are you and your boy?” He pulls out his phone and reveals a nude picture of Mimi and asks what it’s all about.

“That’s you, right? It looks a little fuzzy, like it might be from a tape or something. It’s you f*cking on tape! Is this from a sex tape or something?”

Yes, Stevie. It is a sex tape indeed.

HollywoodLifers, do you think that Mimi planned her sex tape or do you think that it was really leaked? Did she make the right decision, signing a deal to release it? Let us know!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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