‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Stefan & Elena’s Lie Puts All Lives At Risk

While Damon can't stand to be in a room with Elena, he still can tell that she and Stefan are keeping a secret -- and a game of Never Have I Ever is the best way to get that secret out. You'd think that a weekend away with your exes who just happen to be brothers would be awkward, but not when it's to protect the Travelers from kidnapping and killing you for your blood. So, after Elena (Nina Dobrev) found out that Markos (Raffi Barsoumian) was searching for her and Stefan (Paul Wesley), they went into hiding -- never thinking that the secret they were keeping out actually change everything -- and that Enzo's (Michael Malarkey) death didn't mean what they thought.

Vampire Diaries Travelers Take Elena
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Cabin In The Woods

Tyler (Michael Trevino) finally escaped the hands of Markos long enough to deliver the news to the Salvatore brothers that the doppelgänger blood is the cure. So, Luke (Chris Brochu) worked hard to figure out a way to find Markos before, he could find and kill Stefan and Elena.

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) came up with a solution to simply hide out in Caroline (Candice Accola)’s father’s old cabin with Elena and Stefan to protect them. It’s a little weird that Damon wanted to join, even though he told Elena never wanted to see or speak to her. Talk about awkward.

While Stefan and Elena stayed close to keep the secret of Enzo’s death, Caroline read their closeness wrong — and told Damon they were probably hooking up again. However, Damon’s smarter than he looks and totally realized that they both got flaky at the mention of Enzo’s name. In an intense game of Never Have I Ever (don’t they know by now it’s not a good idea to play that?), Caroline called out Elena, then Damon called out Elena and Stefan. However, neither of them budged — yet.

Can we just point out, for a minute, that Caroline was visibly bothered by the possibility of Stelena. Strange, since she loves both of them and hates Damon, so why wouldn’t she support that idea? Could it be her crush on Stefan? She admitted to Stefan later she felt left out, and he confessed he didn’t tell her because he was afraid she’d think less of him. Can Steroline just happen, already? Sorry, back to reality.

The Other Side Isn’t Really Gone

Bonnie (Kat Graham) continued to keep the secret from Jeremy (Steven McQueen) as long as possible by lying to him — she told him that Liv (Penelope Mitchellwas finding a way to keep her alive and help the Other Side from collapsing. In reality, it was getting worst by the minute.

One of the ways it was getting worse was that the Other Side couldn’t just watch over, but could actually physically affect the living now (if you consider the vampires alive). Enzo proved that by trying to drown Elena in the bath. Naturally, she called out for Damon to save her which he did — and she spilled the news that Enzo was dead.

Enzo’s Plan Is Revealed

However, Enzo’s plan wasn’t to kill Elena, but simply distract them and take Luke away, not allowing him to finish the locater spell. Damon and Stefan found Luke tied up in a shed, that Enzo sets on fire before stabbing both brothers. However, Damon makes his BFF’s ghost a promise — that the other side is falling apart but he’ll find away to bring him back.

With that, Damon was done talking about it — he punched Stefan to finish it, and then gave Elena one of the most disgusted looks of all time. However, even though he’s pissed at her, he admitted that he’s going crazy being around her and being without her. With that, they share (yet another) passionate kiss.

Unfortunately, the moment is short-lived and he headed inside, leaving Elena to get snatched up by the Travelers before the episode ended. What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Will Damon end up saving Stefan and Elena from Markos? Will he be able to bring Enzo back? Let us know!

— Emily Longeretta

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