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Bronx Boy, 4, Dies From Eating Rat Poison After Being Left Home Alone

Thu, May 1, 2014 5:30pm EDT by Lauren Cox 3 Comments
Bronx Boy Dies Eating Rat Poison
Courtesy of Fox

This is so sad. Little Juan Sanchez, 4, was found in the stairwell of his NYC apartment and could not be saved by desperate doctors after he ate a fatal amount of rat poison. The little boy, whose mother has been investigated multiple times for neglect, was left alone hungry and unsupervised.

Juan Sanchez, 4, died one day after confusing rat poison for food when he was left home all by himself by his mother, Migdalia Morales, 34. The mother had been investigated six times by the Administration for Children’s Services since Juan was born.

Toddler Dies After Eating Rat Poison

Juan was found in the stairwell of his apartment building foaming from the mouth on April 27. He was immediately rushed to NYC’s Lincoln Hospital, but unfortunately it was too late for him, and he died the next day.

Couldn’t this tragedy have been avoided?

Why was this child left in the home of a mother who has been investigated for denying her five children medical attention when they were sick, having no food in the refrigerator, and keeping her children home from school? This all according to documents filed by the Administration for Children’s Services, reports the Daily News.

Migdalia reportedly had a bad drug and alcohol addiction, and sources claim she often left her five children — Orlando, 10, Angel, 9, Andrew, 6, Noel, 3, and Juan — unsupervised in their home.

In 2009, her three oldest children were removed from her home and placed into foster care just days after she gave birth to Juan. Another ACS investigation was opened at that time because both Migalia and newborn Juan tested positive for cocaine when he was born.

This was not the first time one of her children tested positive for the drug, either. Orlando was tested and found positive when he was born six years earlier.

Since Juan’s death, Migdalia’s children have been living with her twin sister, Evelyn, in Brooklyn. No criminal charges have been filed against Migdalia at this time.

Juan’s Home Was Found Bare Of Food

Apparently, the ACS had investigated Migdalia and her husband, Juan Sanchez Sr., after her oldest son Orlando was found tied to a chair. Another investigation began when another son, Angel, reportedly had a fungus growing behind his ear for three months and Migdalia had not taken him to the doctor.

When the detective investigating Juan’s untimely death visited the family’s apartment, a source claims he reported that it was “horrendous and looked as if a tornado ran through it.”

The detective also reported that the kitchen was bare of all food. The refrigerator was empty, and the cabinets only contained a box of pancake mix and a few ketchup packets.

No wonder Juan ate rat poison, the little boy was starving.

How sad. Our prayers go out to Juan and his surviving brothers.

— Lauren Cox

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