Deranged Mom Kills Baby Girl, 1, Throwing Her Beneath Moving Truck

A 14 month old baby was killed and her six year old brother seriously injured after their mother threw them into oncoming traffic. The crazed woman reportedly picked her children up and threw them in front of a moving 40 ton truck without any warning just moments after arguing with her husband.. Now, the 33-year-old mother may be facing the death penalty for her horrific actions. Hu Chen, 33, may be facing the death penalty after she threw both of her children into oncoming traffic, leaving her one year old baby girl dead.

Chinese Woman Throws Baby Under Moving Truck
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Woman Throws Children Into Oncoming Traffic

This is an unbelievably horrific story.

A Chinese woman picked her one year old baby girl up and threw her underneath a moving truck in Cixi in east China’s Zhejiang province. The baby girl was crushed by a 40 ton truck almost instantly, leaving her dead. 

Moments later, the woman picked up her six-year-old son and also threw him into traffic. However, a heroic passerby witnessed the event and risked his own life to grab the boy and bring him to safety. Thankfully, the little boy suffers from only a few scratches and bruises and will be okay.

The woman, Hu Chen, threw her children into traffic as revenge against her husband, Hu Hsia, 35, after the couple had a heated argument just minutes before the horrific incident, according to the Daily Mail.

Now, the woman my face the death penalty if she is found guilty of murdering her child.

Truck Driver Prayed By Infant’s Dead Body

Though the truck driver, Yul Tsui, 43, desperately tried to stop when he saw the baby in the road, it was too late.

When the truck finally did come to a stop over the baby’s body, the driver stepped out of the truck’s cab and knelt down beside the baby to pray.

An eyewitness noted that the truck driver was crying as he prayed for the baby girl, but claims there was no way he could have stopped in time.

It was heart stopping, I can’t stop thinking about it.” she told a local news outlet. “The woman just hurled the baby into his path without a word of warning. There was simply no time for him to slow down.”

— Lauren Cox

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