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‘The Following’ Finale: James Purefoy Reveals Joe Carroll’s Plans For Claire

Mon, April 28, 2014 5:53pm EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment
The Following Finale
Courtesy of Fox

Season two of ‘The Following’ is coming to an end, but what does that mean for a newly revived Claire? We know that Joe is eager to find her, but what will he do when he does? James Purefoy spoke exclusively to about the shocking finale to come.

Season two of the most deliciously disturbing show on TV, The Following comes to an end on April 28, but first, James Purefoy revealed what his terrifying character Joe Carroll is hoping for when he finally finds Claire (Natalie Zea).

‘The Following’ Finale: What Does Joe Want?

The April 21 episode of The Following ended with all of us wondering if Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) would survive and where the heck Luke and Mark (Sam Underwood) were taking Claire.

However, in the trailer for the finale, we see that Ryan (Kevin Bacon) comes face-to-face with Claire, Joe and the evil twins at one of their famous dinners. So, what is Joe doing there? And does he really want to kill Claire?

“He needs closure and that’s all. I think with Claire, he realized at the end of the first season he made a lot of big errors — the two big errors in terms of his family, were that he kind of had a chemical imbalance,” James told exclusively. “He really thought that he would be able to sail off into the sunset with his wife and child without really considering that his wife and child would once sail off into the sunset without him.”

As you may remember, Joe didn’t exactly treat Claire the best. He actually tried to kill her (and thought that he did until about two weeks ago). So, when she “stabbed him with both a knife and a fork at the end of the first season,” he finally realized she didn’t want to be a family.

“But he does want to have a certain amount of closure with her, and I think he wants to try to get to her — to have that closure,” James said.

‘The Following’ Finale: A Literal Appetite With Disaster

As we see in a sneak peek, Ryan sneaks Joe out of the church and the two try to go rescue Claire — yes they work together against the evil twins, and naturally end up at the dinner table with them.

“You never want to be having dinner with Mark and Luke do you? They’re over excitable, those boys,” James told us, laughing. However, while it appears that they’re in control — all three of the others are tied to the chairs — James told us that Joe is always planning, even when he can’t use his body.

“He’s always thinking: What can he use? What is right there in front of him? How can he escape? How can he manipulate the situation? How can he manipulate people against people? To turn other people who look like they were together against each other,” he said. “So there are all kinds of things — can he get between Mark and Luke? Can he use Luke against Mark, can he use Mark against Luke? Theres a psychological key there that he can force. There are so many great things about Joe, one of them being his ability to play psychology war with people. Even if he is tied up to a chair and he cannot move, as long as he can open his mouth and talk, there’s a chance.”

So How Will It All Go Down: Wait In ‘Delicious Anticipation’

So it’s safe to say that he won’t end up getting killed tied to that chair. But hey, we won’t know until the finale — and James doesn’t even know.

“I do know that we’ve got a bunch of alternative endings we’ve got to shoot because they couldn’t decide by the time we’d finished, who they were going to need for the third season,” he told us. “I’m back in England now, and I’ve studiously avoided calling any with the show to find out. I am waiting with delicious anticipation to find out what happens.”

Well James, we’re right there with you. Tune into Fox on Monday, April 28 for the season two finale of The Following at 9 PM EST.

— Emily Longeretta

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