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‘Wicked Tuna’: Tensions Run High On The Wicked Pissah — Watch

Sun, April 27, 2014 10:00am EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister Add first Comment

‘Wicked Tuna’ is sailing into rocky waters! With Captain Paul’s Wicked Pissah in last place this season, tensions are at an all-time high. Click to WATCH Paul fight with Bruce in this EXCLUSIVE clip!

All aboard the S.S. Drama! Wicked Tuna‘s April 27 episode follows Captain Paul Hebert, as he fights with his brother Bruce on the Wicked Pissah, in light of their struggling fishing season. caught up with Paul who told us all about the pressure and “monstahs!” Plus, he tells us who will win this season.

Tensions Run High Between Paul & Bruce On The Wicked Pissah — Watch

The season is dwindling down so the pressure is on for the captains! The race is cutthroat, and Captain Dave Carraro‘s boat is in the lead by a far stretch.

Unfortunately, the Miss Sambvca crew cannot say the same — in the April 27 episode titled “Brotherly Shove,” Paul and his first mate (and brother) Bruce Hebert  are fighting to get to the bluefin — literally. The captain and the first mate are getting at each other’s throats, as they are faced with disappointment in their fishing season. With only six weeks left to finish on top, can they beat the fleet?

To see how high the tension rises on the high seas, check out the drama-heavy clip (above), exclusively debuted by

Paul Hebert Gives The Fishy Scoop

Captain Paul caught up with, and tells us that although the season has brought on a challenge, he’s not giving up. Keep reading for Paul’s EXCLUSIVE interview! How much more intense is the pressure, now that you’re in last place this season?

Paul: “It’s very intense because there’s pressure from every angle. Toward the end of the season the pressure always gets worse because you only have so long to make money before the fishery closes but the bills still keep piling up. You’re in a race against time. But the key thing is you can’t give up, that’s one of the biggest keys to fishing. It’s not over til it’s over.”

Have you found that you and Bruce are fighting more, since the stakes are high with the rankings of the boat?

“When you’re not catching fish, you’re not making money and the stress level goes up. When you really need the money, that’s when you lose fish because you start to overthink things. Bruce and I are both under intense pressure to deliver — he has his daughter’s wedding to pay for, and I’m trying to make sure I make enough money to get my little girl through the winter. And when you’ve got a $10,000 paycheck on the line, it’s hard to put those things out of your mind.” 

Will you two continue to fight throughout the rest of the season?

“Bruce and I have been fishing together for 30 years, and just like any boat, when you’re not catching fish, things are going to get heated. You’ve got to have a good attitude and just hang in there. Neither one of us can afford to give up, and it’s important that we work together. You can’t be successful at tuna fishing unless you have teamwork.” 

What tricks to you have up your sleeve to get back on top?

“I will never give up, and I always stay positive. The glass is always half full, no matter what happens. I’m just going to keep fishing as hard as I can, because you never know. Your luck can turn around in a heartbeat. All it takes is one fish to put you back on track.” 

Who do you think is going to win the season?

“Dave Carraro (Captain of the is doing well right now. He’s ahead of everyone, but you never know. I have a feeling first place is out of my reach right now, but I’ve got my eyes set on second place — it’s right in my sights. My main objective is to make sure my daughter can have food on the table and warm clothes this winter. If I can accomplish that, everything will be just fine!”

HollywoodLifers, do you watch Wicked Tuna? Watch the EXCLUSIVE clip above, and let us know if you’re hooked on the boat! (Pun intended.) 

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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