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‘Parks & Recreation’: Season Finale’s Spoiler Easter Eggs Revealed

Fri, April 25, 2014 9:33pm EDT by 2 Comments
Parks and Recreation Season 6 Finale
Courtesy of NBC

We’re still reeling from the surprising season finale of ‘Parks and Recreation’ on April 24! Thankfully, we have showrunner Michael Schur to fill in the blanks about last’s night’s unexpected three-year jump into the future. WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

The final 60 seconds of the Parks and Recreation finale changed the direction of the show forever. Find out which parts Parks and Rec mastermind Michael Schur thinks are the most “meaningful,” and what’s in store for next season.

‘Parks And Recreation’ Season 6 Finale: Spoiler Easter Eggs Revealed

Parks and Rec‘s time-jump scene showed Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben with 3-year-old triplets, Andy’s arm in a sling and Ben in a tux. Also, Tom, Donna and Ron were MIA, leaving us to wonder if the whole cast would be back next season.

“We thought very hard about every single detail of that scene,” Michael tells E! Online in a revealing new interview. “Some of it is very meaningful. Some of it is less meaningful. We really wanted to plant little seeds to keep people guessing about the show. It really is the only way to survive and make your show interesting these days! To get people off balance, and get them excited, because audiences are so savvy.”

Now for some spoilers! First of all, you don’t have to worry about missing any of your favorite characters next season. “Everyone is back for season seven,” Michael reveals. “The whole cast is back. We were careful to only show the people that we felt like we should show. It was more interesting to leave some questions, but season seven certainly is not the exact same people doing the exact same thing on a different floor.”

And the cast regulars aren’t the only ones who will be back! Jon Hamm, who appeared in the finale as a bungler who is quickly fired from Leslie’s staff, might make another cameo!

“Hopefully!” Michael says. “If I have it my way, when we show what lead up to that final moment in the season finale, he’ll be there to pop in doing something incredibly imcompetent.” Sounds good to us!

‘Parks And Recreation’: What To Expect From Your Favorite Stars Next Season

1. Tom will be back. “Tom obviously had a big thing happen to him in the finale, which is that he opened his restaurant.  And it appears to be successful,” Michael explains.

2. Donna will be back. “Donna is a wild card and she’s always jetting off to Istanbul or Seattle and she has a very active life. But she also has a seemingly serious boyfriend now.”

3. Ron will be back. “We don’t know what happened to Ron. It’s best to leave it as a question!”

4. Future Leslie may have a fancy new job, but she won’t forget her roots. “She is still the same Leslie at the core. She’s always going to be thoughtful and considerate and make cookies for her friends and have Galentines Day. But she has a much bigger job now. She’s performing in a much bigger theater.”

5. The show is not done with time-jumping. “A very small but important part of that scene is when [Leslie] says: ‘Cancel my trip to South Dakota. We’ll all go next month.’ This is her life now. She’s jetting off all around the country and she’s on site and managing huge projects. She’s going to be doing a lot of travel in the future.”

That was all the good news. The bad news is that Season 7 will likely be Parks and Rec‘s last. “If I were a betting man,” Michael says, “I would say that season seven would be our final season. We have had discussions with NBC and we’ve had discussions internally, Amy and I have talked. I would say it’s fairly likely. I think some kind of announcement will be made at the (New York) upfront in May, and then it will be put to rest.”

So what do you think, HollywoodLifers, are you excited for Season 7 of Parks And Recreation? Did you love last night’s finale? Let us know!

— Tierney McAfee

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