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Katy Perry Proves She’s More Than Just Sexy With New ‘Birthday’ Video

Thu, April 24, 2014 5:58pm EDT by 5 Comments

Katy Perry showed her fans that she’s so much more than just a pretty face with the release of her hilarious new video for ‘Birthday’. Katy’s impressions of the ‘world’s worst birthday party entertainers’ had me in stitches for eight straight minutes!

Katy Perry‘s music videos usually highlight the stunning singer’s beauty with elaborate costumes, makeup and set designs. But Katy’s latest video is all about showing off her comedic chops — and I can’t get enough of it! Who knew Katy was such a riot?  

Katy Perry’s Comedic Music Video For ‘Birthday’ — Singer Is More Than Just Sexy

Not only is Katy’s new video super fun and happy, but it’s also chock-full of hysterical impressions from the 29-year-old songstress. Katy goes to great lengths to transform herself into her alter egos Goldie the Dancer, Yosef Shulem, Kriss the Clown, Ace the Animal Trainer and Princess Mandee in the eight-minute video — and it totally pays off.

Katy’s characters are all hilarious, but my personal favorite — which is also her most shocking transformation — is the character of Goldie the Dancer.

“My name is Goldie because of my golden nuggets,” Katy explains in a fake British accent, referencing her heaving, saggy bosom. “I moved to Las Vegas because I love dance. I was great friends with all of those boys in the Rat Pack. Have you ever heard that song ‘The Lady Is a Tramp’? That might be about me.”

Katy is so spot on as this aging, oblivious old flapper! And with the way she starts unusual fashion and beauty trends, I wouldn’t even be surprised if women across America actually start going gray!

Katy Perry’s Birthday Party Pranks Are Hilarious

Another amazing thing about the video is watching Katy pull a series of birthday party pranks. The best one by far is when the insufferable Princess Mandee reveals herself to be Katy Perry to a group of little girls, who literally jump for joy when they find out her real identity.

Katy spends some time dancing around with the girls and it’s totally adorable! Katy may be a terrible birthday party entertainer, but as a comedic actress, she’s not half bad! I hope to see her act more in the future!

So HollywoodLifers, do YOU think Katy’s new video is funny? Do you think she should act more? Let me know!

— Tierney McAfee

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