Justin Bieber: Did He Cheat On Selena Gomez With Kylie Jenner?

Selena Gomez has reportedly called off her on-again romance with Justin Bieber because she suspects that something has gone on between Justin and Kylie Jenner! Could this be the reason that Selena Gomez unfollowed the Jenners on Instagram? It looks like we may have found the reason for Selena Gomez, 21, recently unfollowing Kylie and Kendall Jenner on Instagram! Word is that Selena is suspicious of something having gone on between her on-again (and now possibly off-again) boyfriend Justin Bieber, 20, according to a report from The Sun. Read on for all the details!

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Justin Bieber: Did He Hook Up With Kylie Jenner While Dating Selena Gomez?

“Selena is convinced something has gone on between Justin and Kylie,” The Sun‘s source claims. “At Coachella, [Justin and Selena] looked to be back on track. Selena was hanging out with Kylie too and they were behaving like best friends.” It’s true — they were even sharing clothes!

“Then [Selena] heard stuff about Justin and Kylie and felt totally betrayed. She went berserk and called it all off again,” their source added. “Selena is in a really bad place at the moment — she’s on the edge and now overcome with jealousy. She really needs to wash her hands of Justin for good.”

Justin Bieber Cheated With Kylie Jenner? — Truth Revealed

Selena Gomez Unfollowed Kylie Jenner On Instagram

We hope this isn’t true! Not only has Selena unfollowed the Jenners on Instagram, but now she’s not following anybody! Could she be trying to cut ties and wash her hands of all this drama?

And if Justin and Kylie have really hooked up, not only is this sad for Selena, but for Kylie’s rumored beau Jaden Smith, 15! Coachella 2014 seemed to be the place for everybody to unite, but now that it’s over, the drama has begun! And what will all of this infighting mean for Selena’s rumored appearance on the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Will the whole thing be called off? Or will it just be the best, most drama-filled season of KUWTK ever?

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Did Justin cheat on Selena with Kylie Jenner? Or is it all in her head? Or is the report just entirely bogus? Let us know!

— Amanda Mitchell

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