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‘American Idol’ Recap: Sam Woolf Turns 18; Sings ‘You’re Still The One’

Wed, April 23, 2014 10:07pm EDT by 1 Comment

The ‘American Idol’ Top 6 performed for America’s votes on the April 23 episode, and with so few performers, they’re now singing two songs each! Oh, and Sam is officially legal, meaning we’ve all gotten a little less creepy. Recap below!

On the April 23 episode of American Idol, the Top 6 performed two songs each for your listening pleasure — one rock & roll, and one country! It’s a whole lot more music and a whole lot less filler now that the finale is in our sights! The performances were killer for the most part, and others dreadfully snoozy. Oh, and Sam Woolf is 18 now, ladies! Full recap below.

‘American Idol’ Recap: I’m A Little Bit Rock & Roll

1. Jena Irene, 17, “Barricuda,” by Heart
Do we really need to tell you that Jena totally killed this? Girl is a rock star. We loved her, the judges loved her, Jennifer Lopez told Ryan Seacrest that she might take it all home, she’s just the best. #TeamJena

2. Sam Woolf, 18, “It’s Time,” by Imagine Dragons
First of all, HOLLA, Sam turned 18 between last week’s episodes and this week’s! We’re not creepy anymore, according to eyes of the law! This was a really energetic performance from Sam. Jennifer even got “goosies” from the performance — and if that’s not a ringing endorsement, we don’t know what is. After his performance, Ryan announced Sam having turned 18, and he said, “the best thing about turning 18? No guardians,” and Sam laughed the laugh of someone who has had a line of girls outside his hotel room since the clock struck midnight on the 17th.

‘American Idol’: How Sam Woolf Feels About Being Called A ‘Heartthrob’

3. CJ Harris, 23, “American Woman,” by The Guess Who
Ah, geez. This was kind of boring for us. Harry Connick Jr. told him that it was a good performance and a good song choice, but he still had to remind CJ to sing in tune. He’s heard CJ do better. “Pretty good, CJ.” Not really what you’d want to hear when you’re on the Top 6 of a singing competition, I’d think.

4. Alex Preston, 20, “Animal,” by Neon Trees
Alex has been told a lot recently that he’s been too “coffeehouse,” which is just fine if you ask us, but this performance was totally different from the others. Keith Urban received his first “boo” from the audience for telling Alex that he wasn’t a huge fan, and that he wished Alex brought the energy more. Harry similarly didn’t love the performance, but was incredibly encouraging to Alex, telling him that he is such a consistently good performer that he almost gets a pass.

5. Caleb Johnson, 23, “Sting Me,” by Black Crowes
Wow, this was Caleb’s best performance yet! It would’ve been pretty embarrassing for him if he bombed the rock & roll portion of the evening. The applause and cheering went on forever and even Jennifer got on her feet! She was effusive with her praise, and Caleb just looked so happy, knowing that he utterly nailed it.

6. Jessica Meuse, 23, “Somebody To Love,” by Jefferson Airplane
Jessica is getting better and better every week! The judges agreed that her performance was very vocally strong and that she is getting better at loosening up and at owning the stage, being an entertainer.

‘American Idol Recap: I’m A Little Bit Country

1. Sam Woolf, “You’re Still The One,” by Shania Twain
Ooh, gurl, newly-legal Sam singing this romantic song did it for us. The girls in the audience are as hilariously enthralled as ever with their glassy stares and slow swaying back and forth. Harry told him that he sang too perfectly, which, OK. Sure? Anyway, they were generally complimentary about his performance!

2. Caleb Johnson, “Undo It,” by Carrie Underwood
Hmm. This was great, of course, but Caleb took Carrie’s country song and turned it suuuper rock & roll. The judges thought he did quite well, but he already did so well at the top of the show that it was kind of difficult for them to compare.

3. Alex Preston, “Always On My Mind,” by Willie Nelson
Keeping in mind that we are always Alex Preston apologists, we didn’t love this one so much. He did well, but it didn’t blow anyone away. It was still beautifully done, however, and the judges agreed on all counts — good, not great.

4. Jena Irene, “So Small,” by Carrie Underwood
Keith Urban put it best: “baby, you are such a good singer. My word!” His excessive use of “baby”s aside, we totally agree with him. What else can we say? Jena for the win!

5. CJ Harris, “Whatever It Is,” by Zac Brown Band
Nothing bums me out more than how nice CJ is and the fact that he has a kid and how boring I think he is. It was boring. The judges — in more words — also thought that he was boring. Sorry, dude, SORRY!! I wish you were mean.

6. Jessica Meuse, “Jolene,” by Dolly Parton
This started super strangely, as if mid-chorus. Really jarring. Maybe they’re running out of time? Maybe the show could have done without the Grumpy Cat interlude before Caleb’s country performance. That cat has got to be exhausted. I may have been tuning in and out, but are there other words in this song other than “Jolene?” Hilariously, just as I wrote that, Harry told her that he could tell she was really thinking about those lyrics. Anyway, they all thought it was a job well done but Keith didn’t like the darkness with which the band played the song.

What did you think of the performances this evening, HollywoodLifers? Were you all about the country or the rock & roll performances? Let us know!

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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