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’19 Kids & Counting’ Recap: The Duggars Surprise Anna & Josh In D.C.

Tue, April 22, 2014 9:43pm EDT by HL Intern 19 Comments

The Duggars are always on the go! After retuning from Erin Bates’ wedding, all 19 were on hand to celebrate Josiah’s graduation before heading back out on the road for a 30 hour bus ride to Anna and Josh’s for the holidays!

The Duggars lead one busy life! Michelle Duggar, Jim Bob and the entire Duggar clan were on hand to celebrate Josiah‘s high school graduation along with 400 of the family’s close friends. Then the entire family hit the road to go to Josh and Anna‘s Washington DC home for the holidays — complete with a big surprise!

’19 Kids & Counting’ — Josiah’s Huge Graduation Party

After returning from family friend, Erin Bates‘ wedding, it was time for the Duggar’s to celebrate another milestone: Josiah’s high school graduation! Since the Duggar’s never do anything on a small scale, Josiah invited over 300 people to his graduation party, with 400 showing up — you know what they say, go big or go home!

All of the Duggar children have been home-schooled, a decision that Jim Bob and Michelle made early on. Jim Bob said, “We really picture homeschooling as not just sitting down and reading book and doing lessons, but it’s really throughout all of life too, we’re taking kids on field-trips, we’re teaching them to build things and learning a lot from life experiences.”

Josiah,17 has big plans following his graduation, in January he enrolled at ALERT academy in Texas.” The ALERT academy is a basic training kind of military style in Texas, Joseph went there a few years ago. Long term, probably get back and do some college courses on the side to kind of prepare for you know, whatever else is out there in the world for me.”

Congratulations on your graduation, Josiah!

Jill Makes Plans To Visit Derek In Nepal

With both Jill,22, and Jessa,21, in courtships, love is definitely a focal point in the Duggar household. Jessa and Ben have been courting for four months and things seem to be very comfortable between the adorable couple. Ben was in attendance at Josiah’s huge party as well as Ben’s entire family!

Jill’s relationship with Derek was also getting ready to be taken to the next level — Jill and Jim Bob are gearing up to finally visit Derek in Nepal where the adorable duo will meet face-to-face for the first time. Jill looked like a girl in love when talking about her upcoming trip,” I’m really excited about going to Nepal and getting to meet Derek and seeing him in the place that he’s lived in for the last two years, I’m looking forward to it a lot.”

As we recently reported, Jill and Derek are happily together and engaged!

Josh & Anna Host The Entire Duggar Family

After the graduation party, the Duggars hopped back onto their bus for the 30 hour drive to Washington D.C to visit Josh & Anna. Anna had plans to cook for all 25 family members with a little help from pre-packaged meals, but when the store was out, Anna was forced to buy a frozen turkey and prepare the meal from scratch for the entire family.

Josh and Anna are under the impression that they have well over a day to plan for the arrival of the family, so Anna assigns Josh the task of cleaning out the storage room in the basement, painting it, and turning the room into a guest room for Michelle and Jim Bob.

Josh explained that having sleeping room for 25 people in a house may seem impossible, but the Duggars find a way to manage. ” When my family stays with us, we typically pile them up inside in a couple rooms, many of them lay on the floor and then they keep the bus outside and plug it in, that way they can sleep in their bunks. It’s not the best set up, but it works. Instead of a storage closet, we want it to actually be something where you could lay your head.”

Planning ahead, Anna begins to cook, when suddenly she receives an unexpected phone call — from Jim Bob. Instead of arriving the next day, Jim Bob explains that the family drove through the night to outrun some bad weather, which puts them a day ahead of schedule. Thats not all, with five hours until they arrive Jim Bob was wondering if they could have their holiday meal in a few hours instead of the following day — no pressure Anna!

Anna then moves into overdrive and gets the meal prepared. When everything was going smoothly, Anna opened the oven to check on the casserole only to have smoke come pouring out, setting off the smoke detectors, and at that moment , the Duggars ring the doorbell!

We still can’t get over the fact that Anna cooked a turkey and made a huge meal for that many people in just five hours, even if a little smoke was involved, it is still very impressive!

What do YOU think HollyMoms? Did Anna and Josh take one too large of a renovation? Was it rude of the Duggars to arrive at Anna and Josh’s a day early?

— Caitlin Beck 

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