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Boy, 16, Stowaway on Plane — Miraculously Survives -81F Temps

Mon, April 21, 2014 12:50pm EDT by Lauren Cox 1 Comment
Teenage Stowaway Survives Flight Hawaii
Courtesy of Twitter/Maui News

A 16-year-old boy survived inside the landing gear compartment of a Boeing 767 for almost six hours after he hitched a ride from San Jose, California to Maui, Hawaii on Sunday, April 20. The boy was allegedly running away from home and managed to survive the freezing -81 degree temperatures after he passed out and involuntarily fell into a ‘hibernation’ state during the flight.

A teenager, 16, was found wandering the Maui Airport tarmac while ‘dazed and confused’ on Sunday, April 20 after he survived an almost six hour flight in the landing gear well of a Boeing 767.

Teenage Stowaway Survives 6 Hour Flight

A 16-year-old boy is extremely lucky to be alive today, April 21, after he survived a grueling five and a half hour flight in the landing-gear wheel well of a Boeing 767, Hawaiian Airlines told CNN.

The boy, allegedly a runaway, can be seen on security camera footage hopping a fence onto the runway at the San Jose airport. Shortly after the plane took off, the boy involuntarily slipped into a ‘hibernation’ state. He passed out due to lack of oxygen, which is the only reason he was able to survive without oxygen at such a high altitude for such a long period of time.

Maui’s airport security has footage of him crawling out of the wheel well after the plane stopped moving.

This is only the second time a stowaway has managed to survive in the landing gear well.

After surviving the almost six hour flight, the boy was found confused and wandering the tarmac at the Maui airport in Hawaii.

The teenager received medical treatment but was found to be healthy and of sound mind. After his medical evaluation, he was released to child services. Officials told CNN that the teenager would not receive any criminal charges.

Investigators Baffled By Boy’s Survival

Even though everyone seems to agree that the young man’s survival is a miracle, officials are still baffled by it.

“For somebody to survive multiple hours with that lack of oxygen and that cold is just miraculous,” airline analyst Peter Forman told reporters in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Officials also claim that the boy could have been crushed by the landing gear once it retracted up inside the plane.

“It makes no sense to me,” FBI Special Agent Tom Simon also told CNN.

Thankfully, this teenager survived his spontaneous trip and will hopefully be reunited with his family soon.

— Lauren Cox

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