Lindsay Lohan Miscarriage: Sobbing Star Reveals Tragedy — Watch

Mon, April 21, 2014 9:36am EST by 5 Comments

Former ‘Mean Girls’ star Lindsay Lohan blew the minds of everyone when she recently revealed on her reality TV show that she had suffered a miscarriage while filming her documentary.

The 27-year-old troubled actress came clean on her OWN network documentary series Lindsay  about a miscarriage she suffered while filming the show. Lindsay explained why she had been absent from numerous days of filming when she tearfully admitted the news.

Lindsay Lohan Miscarriage: Sobbing Star Reveals Tragedy

Lindsay didn’t reveal who the father is and she also never commented on how far along she was in the pregnancy at the time of the miscarriage.

“No one knows this — I had a miscarriage for those weeks that I took off,” said Lindsay in the broadcast.

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The actress said the miscarriage left her bedridden and immobilized.

“I couldn’t move, I was sick,” Lindsay expressed in her documentary. “Mentally, that messes with you.”

Lindsay Reveals Why She Missed Days Of Shooting For Her Show

Lindsay claimed that the incident was hinted at in a previous episode of the show when she refused to come down her room when she was due to film.

In the series finale she recalls the horror of going through the miscarriage. “Watching this series, I just know how I felt at that moment and I can relate to that girl, which sounds kind of crazy,” Lindsay explained. “But I’m like, ‘Oh my god, this is really sad. Who’s helping her?’”

We have to give Lindsay some credit for coming clean about the miscarriage through her documentary. She has really let the cameras into the most personal parts of her life.

Lindsay also admitted in the season finale that the alleged sex list of her 36 lovers —  which was leaked in an issue of InTouch Magazine – is actually real!

HollywoodLifers, What do you think about Lindsay’s statement during the broadcast? Did it move you? Let us know what you think.

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Posted at 4:58 PM on April 21, 2014  

sometimes laughing is a coping Mechanism especially in a situation like hers. as for Marilyn Monroe she also had a few ectopic pregnancies and in those days the studios shut it up when a big star lost a pregnancy and or child. sometimes a child forces an immature parent to grow up look at Nicole Richie she’s been straight since she became pregnant with her daughter Harlow in 2007. not only addicts have babies with defects or disabilities perfectly healthy women do also

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Don't put your hands on me!

Posted at 11:55 AM on April 21, 2014  

All things happen for a reason.
She did not need a baby, with the messed up situation she was in.
Goodness knows who the dad was. He sure dodged a bullet didn’t he?
As a person who has had a miscarriage, and I was not in any situation such as Lindsey.
I feel there could have been a problem with the fetus and the child could’ve been born very sick.
I went on to get pregnant 4 years later and have a healthy child.
Women should know if they plan on having children, they need to be as healthy as they can be.
With my first baby I exercised regularly and took vitamins.
At the time of the miscarriage I wasn’t exercising and regularly or taking my vitamins.
After the miscarriage I decided no more surprise pregnancies.
When my husband & I decided we were ready to expand the family, we made sure we were doing everything we could to have a healthy baby. Starting with ourselves. Eating right,exercising, taking my vitamins and no drugs or alcohol.
Maybe one day soon Lindsey will find her sobriety and find love, which will include children.
At the time she miscarried it was probably for the best.
I wish her well in her future and hope she gets herself together.

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Posted at 11:40 AM on April 21, 2014  

Earlier I forgot to comment that Oprah reached out to help Lindsay because Lindsay can’t get a job anymore when he name comes up for movie roles they bring up her name but refuse to cast her.Once again Lindsay try’s to pull a Marilyn Monroe immitation of not coming into work,keeping cast and crew waiting for long periods of time.The point is that we are not in the 50’s that worked for Marilyn as she was a Goddess and they were willing to sacrifice to get what she put on the screen.Producers and big time Hollywood will not work with Lindsay as it is costing them money they didn’t count on paying.Lindsay is lucky Oprah has to come to the rescue but it has still been hard to get Lindsay work as she is a good in acting but she refuses to show up or come down when it’s her time to be on set.

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Don't put your hands on me!

Posted at 12:04 PM on April 21, 2014  

Lindsey is now realizing, no matter how good you think you are, time is MONEY!
They would rather have someone who shows up to work on time, sober.
Then to have someone show up late, who might end up overdosing and putting the whole project in jeopardy.
Why gamble with other people’s lives like that.
At the end of the day all the people working on a movie have to eat and have families to take care of.
I really hope she gets her S##T! together.
It is possible. Look at Robert Downey Jr.

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Posted at 11:07 AM on April 21, 2014  

Why would she laugh and look away as if she’s lying when she talks about the miscarriage.Lindsay is a great actress and she needs to stop portraying her life as Marilyn Monroe’s as Lindsay is very obsessed with her and her whole life.Lindsay has tried her best to follow that life she identifies with and that is why she has addictions,has slept with soo many men,tried to dabble in lesbianism but claims she’s not bi or gay,called her legging co after monroe’s birthdate.Lindsay tries very hard to portray this little girl lost with acting skills as her idol, now her fake miscarriage as her idol had.Alot of women go through miscarriages and don’t laugh and look away as if it’s some joke.Lindsay needs to learn to love HERSELF and who she is as a person and get to know the REAL Lindsay her adictions will go away when she learns to accept herslf and stop trying to be and portray someone else’s life.Life is not an acting job and Lindsay seems to think like she said when the cameras are on she playes a role for them.

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