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‘Orphan Black’: Tatiana Maslany Talks Season 2 — Interview

Sat, April 19, 2014 11:09am EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 5 Comments
Orphan Black Season 2 Premiere
Courtesy of BBC America

Welcome back to the Clone Club! ‘Orphan Black’ finally returns for its second season on Saturday, April 19, and there’s another clone on board! Tatiana Maslany tells all about her many groundbreaking roles in a brand new interview.

Tatiana Maslany is arguably one of the most talented actresses on television. Despite playing nine different roles on Orphan BlackTatiana reveals, “I feel really lucky that I get this whole gamut of women to play.” Keep reading to find out about the return of the clones!

Tatiana Maslany Opens Up About ‘Orphan Black’ Season 2

Orphan Black returns on Saturday April 19, and the star of the sci-fi smash, Tatiana Maslany, is thrilled to be playing so many complex roles — yes, that’s plural — and opens up about the role in a brand new interview.

“Oh my god, I’m not even remotely feeling like I’ll figure it out,” Tatiana told Rolling Stone about tackling may characters, despite becoming a critically-acclaimed star and fan favorite. “Even if I get comfortable in the process or I feel like I have an ownership over it, it doesn’t stop evolving and I don’t think I’d ever want it to. I want it to keep growing.”

Well, she has a lot of material to grow with! Season two of Orphan Black introduces a new clone, Jennifer Fitzsimmons who is a 28-year-old teacher and swim coach who falls extremely ill with a sickness that’s a version of Cosima’s (Tatiana). Despite the creepy factor within that storyline alone, the actress loves taking on the challenge.

Every character sort of has their own world, so it feels like we’re shooting a different movie every day,” Tatiana told the magazine. But does she have a favorite clone to play? Not quite.

“There are certain clones that are easier on my vocabulary or my movement or even dialect, but [soccer mom] Alison, I was so scared to play her,” Tatiana revealed to Rolling Stone. “I couldn’t relate to her. But I love all the characters. I feel really lucky that I get this whole gamut of women to play.”

Tatiana Maslany Talks About Her Newfound Fame

Although Orphan Black isn’t a huge mainstream hit, it’s quickly become a cult favorite, not to mention a critically-acclaimed series. (We are still wondering where her Emmy is.) With high praise, comes fans — but when you play almost a dozen characters, imagine how recognizable you must be!

“It’s clones in general. I’m just a clone girl,” jokes Tatiana about being spotted off set. “It’s the weirdest cross section of people that recognize me.”

But on Twitter, everyone knows exactly who she is. “I resisted Twitter for so long but it’s just something you gotta do,” Tatiana tells the magazine. “It’s crazy, there’s such a movement of fans online. The visibility we have right now is different. People know about the show, are fans of the show, people tape the show. There’s an audience now…Now there are people who have theories about the show, input, ideas and it’s a different world for those reasons.”

But when Tatiana does get recognized incorrectly, as one of her many characters, she has a plan. “The next time I get recognized, I can say, ‘I’m not Tatiana Maslany, I’m a clone’ — just to blow some minds.”

Orphan Black Season 2 premieres Saturday, April 19 at 9/8c on BBC America.

HollywodLifers, are you a fan of Orphan Black? Are you impressed by Tatiana’s wide range of talent? Let us know!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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