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‘Mrs. Doubtfire’: Why Mara Wilson Needs To Appear In The Sequel

Fri, April 18, 2014 11:49am EDT by 6 Comments
Mara Wilson Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox, Twitter

Alright Mara, I know you’re 20 years older now, and I know you don’t want your legacy to just be “that adorable, lisping girl from a Robin Williams classic,” but when a ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ sequel comes calling, you drop everything and get on board.

While every ’90s kid in the world (me included) spent April 17 chugging Squeez-Its and slamming 3D Doritos in celebration over the news that a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel was a go — with Robin Williams and director Chris Columbus signed on! — co-star Mara Wilson, who played the adorable daughter in the original, spent the day strongly insisting that she would never be a part of it. WTF, Mara?

Mara Wilson Refuses To Be In ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Sequel

Even before Matt Lawrence could say he’d be into it (I assume Matt Lawrence gets excited about any potential job offer), Mara was shutting down any and all hopes for the return of little Natalie:

Okay Mara, we get it — you don’t wanna be in the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel! Now can I say my piece?

Mara Wilson: Who Says Sequels Are Bad?

First of all, it makes me really sad to see how cynical the cutest child actor of the ’90s has become. Secondly, Mara, you’re super duper wrong about sequels. Case and point, The Empire Strikes Back. What’s that? You think the Doubtfire sequel will be more like Speed 2 and less like The Godfather: Part II? No friggin’ way. At the very least, this sequel will be on par with Beethoven’s 2nd, an admiral goal to aspire to.

But it can only be that good if everyone comes back for it. Producers have already got the core, Robin and original director Chris, to sign on, we already touched on how ready Matt is to jump in, and hopefully Sally Field and Lisa Jakub will be down. As for Pierce Brosnan, well, I don’t think Stu and Miranda had an eternal sort of love, so he’s not really essential for the sequel.

‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Sequel: Mara Wilson Needs To Do It

But Mara is.

I have literally no idea what the plot of this movie is going to be (for some reason, I imagine Robin passing the cross-dressing torch to his only son), but I know that I don’t want Natalie’s absence to be explained away with one line about how she became a hermit who renounced all her possessions and moved to Indonesia, or died after being hit by a San Francisco trolley car.

What’s more, Natalie grounded Mrs. Doubtfire, and though she only had “twenty lines,” as Mara put it, she added soul and love to Robin’s zany comedy, which is what makes it endlessly rewatchable. We need that back, because lord knows Matt Lawrence alone isn’t going to do the trick.

So let’s get rid of that “too cool” post-modern attitude and hop on board this obviously unstoppable train, Mara! And who knows, if you sign on, maybe the story can be about how Natalie has to dress up like a male nurse to take care of her father, who’s fallen ill after using concealer from the ’90s that was recalled for containing toxic chemicals. That sounds like Godfather: Part II material right there!

— Andrew Gruttadaro

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