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Kailyn Lowry’s Heartbreaking Tell-All: I Had An Abortion After Being Raped

Wed, April 16, 2014 2:23pm EDT by Lauren Cox 6 Comments
Kailyn Lowry Raped Abortion Tell All
Courtesy of Instagram

In her new tell-all book Pride Over Pity, Kailyn Lowry reveals heartbreaking details about the traumatic years before she became a ‘Teen Mom.’ New passages revealed from her first book reveal that Kailyn was raped as a freshman in high school, and later made the difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy that came from it.

Kailyn Lowry, 22, had an incredibly difficult upbringing before becoming a mom at the tender age of 16-years-old. Now, in her first tell-all book, the Teen Mom 2 star is finally opening up about her traumatic sexual abuse.

Kailyn Lowry’s Tell-All: I Was Raped

This Teen Mom should be proud of herself for finding the strength to tell her traumatic story.

In her first-ever tell-all, Pride Over Pity, Kailyn is finally opening up about the sexual abuse she endured as an adolescent.

One horrifying story tells of how she lost her virginity in eighth grade solely because she believed it kept her relevant among her group of friends.

“I was too young to understand that I wasn’t ready— physically or emotionally— for sex,” she writes. “I believed then that I had to have sex to keep up with my friends.”

Another reveals that her first high school boyfriend forced her into having sex, and refused to wear a condom — which resulted in her first unplanned pregnancy.

“I didn’t want to sleep with [him], but he persisted,” Kailyn recalls. “Denying him seemed fruitless. I believed Toby loved me, so I decided I could give him this one thing as long as he wore a condom.”

Kailyn’s boyfriend went against her wishes and forced himself on her, which left her pregnant just a couple of months later. So sad.

Kailyn’s Mother Forced Her To Have An Abortion

In the tell-all, Kailny reveals that she first found out she was pregnant by taking a test in a Wal-mart bathroom.

When she told her mom Suzi the news, she was determined to have Kailyn terminate the unplanned pregnancy.

“She was adamant that I would not be allowed to deliver this baby into the world, even though deep down that was what I wanted,” Kailyn confesses. 

The abortion took place on Kailyn’s 16th birthday, and caused her severe emotional distress.

“It felt as though they had taken every fiber of my being…I felt a mother’s grief.”

How sad.

We are so happy to see that Kailyn has raised an incredible little boy, Isaac Rivera, and found true love in her husband, Javi Marrouqin.

— Lauren Cox

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