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’16 & Pregnant’ Premiere: Teen Takes Away Newborn & Tells Father Via Text

Tue, April 15, 2014 12:22am EDT by HL Intern 22 Comments
16 & Pregnant Madison Godsey
Courtesy of MTV

The season premiere of ’16 & Pregnant’ was jam packed and full of haywire emotions — not that we expected anything less. In the first episode, we are introduced to an athletic teen with big dreams who has to put it all off because…she’s pregnant!

Season 5 of the MTV hit show 16 & Pregnant premiered on April 14 and it did not disappoint! We are introduced to 16-year-old Madison Godsey who got pregnant after a one night stand with her rebound guy, Cody. The drama unfolds as the two teens try to navigate the parenting world and living arrangements, while getting to know one another at the same time.

’16 & Pregnant’ Season 5 Premiere: Meet Madison Godsey

In the first episode of the hit show, we are introduced to 16-year-old Maddy who just finished up her sophomore year in high school. The soon-to-be mom seems semi-enthusiastic about her budding addition, but there are just too many familial complications.

First, Maddy’s mother, Jen, has given birth only three months prior so there’s already a baby in the family. Second, Jen is running a household of seven people and a baby sure does not make things lighter. In a heartfelt convo between mother and daughter, Maddy’s mother gives the teen some tough love, letting her know that she only has a couple of weeks to figure out other living arrangements after the baby is born. “I’m giving you a month after the baby is born because that’s the most difficult part,” Maddy’s mother says to her crying teenage daughter.

Fortunately, Maddy’s baby daddy, Cody has parents, Penny and Chad who are there to save the day and open their home up to the young couple. In a very mature family meeting, both families decide that it will be okay for the two to live with Cody and his parents so Maddy can go to school and work, while Penny will babysit little Aubrey. Cody’s parents are beyond helpful and excited as they help set up the baby’s room. They willingly fix a small room for the impending addition, renovating a small part of their house and even buying their future granddaughter a crib, among other necessities.

Things get a bit awkward when the living arrangements are made and Maddy chooses to bring her own bed. Cody would have been more than willing to share a bed with the mother of his first child because he claims he wants to be with her. Maddy, on the other hand, sees no reason for the two of them to be together and is torn because she is not sure if she has romantic feelings toward Cody.

The teen mom gets uber-emotional when she has to go back to school for the first time since being pregnant. She anticipates all the staring and discomfort of being eight months pregnant and having to sit in a teeny tiny desk, and her assumptions are dead on! People are staring at her as she walks down the school hallways and she can barely fit in the chairs during class. Thankfully, she has her friends to cheer her up and the girls take a trip down memory lane, as they toss a softball.

Madison Godsey Welcomes Baby Aubrey

Maddy welcomes baby Aubrey in October 2013, and her birth is as seamless as it can be. After  four hours in labor, she gets an epidural and gives birth shortly after. Little Aubrey is welcomed by her daddy, who was by her mother’s side for the entire birth, as well as her loving grandparents.

The new parents’ glee does not last for too long however, because the two get into a heated argument over the baby’s last name. Cody, understandably, wants his daughter to take his last name because he is, after all, the father of the baby. Maddy on the other hand, is unwavering in her decision to make sure the baby has her last name. “You to understand that if anything happens, she will be in my custody,” the new mom retorts.

The argument forges a bridge between the semi-strangers and Cody goes MIA. Aubrey turns three weeks old without another visit from her father. The teen mom gets super nervous about moving in with her Penny and Chad because she has not been communicating with Cody. Because of the lack of understanding on both parts, Maddy decides she will go live with her father in Indiana instead of living in a house in which she would be uncomfortable.

Like any girl her age, Maddy breaks the news to Cody via text message (yikes!) much to Penny’s heartbreak. During his second visit in two months, Cody travels to Indiana and confronts Maddy. The strong-headed basketball and softball player holds firm in her decision to move in with her father. “I didn’t want to be miserable there,” she frankly states, though acknowledging that she understands she let Penny and Chad down — even wasting their money.

The episode ends in a little monologue in which Maddy realizes that she is on her own. She no longer talks to her friends because the are out and about doing 16-year-old things, while she has to be a mom. Her father is at work most of the time so she feels alone and isolated. Naturally, she regrets having had unprotected sex, and realizes how life changing a small mistake can be.

Let us know, Hollywoodlifers…are you excited for the new season of 16 & Pregnant? What do you think about new mommy Maddy?

— By Stephanie Sengwe

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