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‘Mario Kart 8’ Trailer Previews New Features & Awesome Upgrades

Thu, April 3, 2014 11:42am EDT by 2 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! The best racing video game ever (‘Gran Turismo’ fans — shut up) is coming back for its eighth installment, and it looks better than ever. Before its May 30 release date, Nintendo has dropped a lengthy trailer full of new characters, new levels, and new weapons that have got our mouths watering!

It’s been awhile since we fired a shell at one of our best friends, so yeah, you could say we’re excited for Mario Kart 8 (out on May 30 for Wii U). And with an official trailer dropping on April 3, our anticipation is at an all-time high. From new characters to — wait for it — anti-gravity, check out all the new features the trailer boasts and find out what we’re looking forward to the most.

‘Mario Kart 8’: 5 Things To Get Excited About

1. Roads? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads

Anti-gravity is probably the biggest development in Mario Kart 8. Whereas you could only speed on boring roads in the previous installments, this time you’ll be able to hit boost pads that allow you to go all Men in Black and ride the map like never before. This new feature will literally turn the entire game on its head.

2. The Heavy Hitters Return, And Then Some

Mario Kart 8 boasts an enormous character list for players to choose from, and some old favorites are making triumphant returns. The classics will be there — Mario, Bowser, Toad — as well as some surprise additions like Shy Guy, Metal Mario, Waluigi, and Baby Peach. And then there are totally new characters like the seven Koopa Kids. Who will you play as?

3. Somewhere Over The Rainbow Road

Ever since the beginning, Rainbow Road has been the most challenging, most compelling track to race on, and this time it really looks awe-inspiring. It’s an unparalleled roller coaster ride, and you better believe the complicated map takes advantage of the new anti-gravity feature.

4. Weapon Of Choice(s)

Beside the classic items like the bullet, the shells, and the banana peel, there is an entirely new arsenal of tricky weapons to help you take first place. Our new favorite has to be the piranha plant, which allows you to chomp on whatever’s in front of you, including fellow drivers. Sweet.

5. Pimp My Ride

Kart customization came into play in the seventh installment of Mario Kart, so this time around we expect an even fuller experience thanks to some fine-tuning. So far we don’t know many details (which are sure to make Xzibit VERY happy), but Nintendo has promised upgrades, and that’s all we need to hear.

So HollywoodLifers, are you ready to race? Check out the trailer above and tell us what you think!

— Andrew Gruttadaro

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