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‘American Idol’: Malaya Watson Felt ‘The Evil Eye’ During Sam Woolf Duet

Thu, April 3, 2014 9:47am EDT by 2 Comments

How great was Malaya Watson and Sam Woolf’s duet of ‘Lucky’ on the April 2 episode of ‘American Idol?’ caught up with Malaya and Sam after the show and she told us that she ‘felt the evil eye’ from the girls in the studio audience during their adorable performance! Click to watch and to find out what else she had to say!

On the April 2 episode of American Idol, viewers got a surprise treat in the form of duets from our Top 8. They were all pretty great, but Malaya Watson and Sam Woolf‘s performance of “Lucky” was one of our faves. Not only were the vocals on point, but Malaya worked that stage like the diva she was, giving Sam flirty eyes and circling around him. Hilariously, Malaya told after the show that she felt “the evil eye” that all of the girls in the studio audience were giving her. She’s the best. Read on for more on what both Sam and Malaya had to say about their charming duet, and click through to watch!

‘American Idol’: Malaya Watson Felt The Girls In The Audience Telling Her To ‘Back Up; You Better Move’

Here’s some of our Q&A with Malaya: How was the duet with Sam?
Malaya Watson: “It was weird! Looking into Sam’s eyes talking about ‘I love you, I fell in love with you from the start,’ it was awkward. But it turned out good in the end.”

HL: 90 percent of the female audience would love to do that!
MW: “Yeah, and I felt 90 percent of the audience saying, ‘you better back it up before I have to come up there.’ [Laughs] That’s what I felt! I felt the tension with all those girls looking at me with the evil eye like ‘Ooh, you better back up. You better move.'”

HL: You looked like you had fun with it.
MW: “Yeah, it turned out great and it felt great. The energy was high. I got Sam to move a little bit for once in his life!”

HL: I saw you psyching him up in the beginning.
MW: “Yeah, I was like ‘Come on, you better move!'”

‘American Idol’: Sam Woolf Enjoyed The Malaya Watson Duet Because Of Their ‘Different Styles’

A girl born in 1997 cannot be that cool — it’s not fair. Sam also thought that the duet went really well because they “both have different styles.” Alex Preston said the same thing about his duet with Jena Irene, telling us: “We have such different voices but it seemed to work. It was really cool. Jena is such an amazing vocalist. It was a good mix.” We agree! The duets were a great way to mix up the otherwise pretty rote performance episodes.

What did you think of their duet, HollywoodLifers? Were you one of the ones giving Malaya the evil eye? Or were you giving Sam the evil eye? Because, well, Malaya is pretty great herself.

— Reporting by Russ Weakland, Written by Amanda Michelle Steiner

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