Robert Pattinson: Why He’s Only Hooking Up With Kristen Stewart

Wed, April 2, 2014 3:18pm EST by 510 Comments
Robert Pattinson Only Dating Kristen Stewart

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siti intan

Posted at 6:24 PM on August 7, 2014  

from:edqard cullen…. I have died every day waiting for you darling dont be afraid i have love you for a thousand year i love you for a thousand more…to:isabella swan

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Posted at 3:47 PM on June 5, 2014  

Edward: forever.

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Posted at 12:23 PM on May 17, 2014  

Kristen in NOT a lesbian. She said that when she read the article about she and Alicia, that they both had a good laugh over it. She also said she was NOT a lesbian and if she were, she would not deny it. She believes it is okay to live that way. Please stop slandering this woman. She has done nothing against you and you do not know her or what kind of person that she really is. All you read on this sites are lies and I absolutely do not believe any of it.

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Step by step successfully for Kriste Stewart.

Posted at 6:40 AM on May 7, 2014  

Go see movies Stewart, is means to see a good movie. Kristen goes from movie to movie.
Clouds Of Sils MariaI with Binoche, Stewart, Moretz sounds intriguing, like Kristen’s choice of roles. Main Competition in Cannes 2014.
The Camp X-Ray, Kristen Stewart as a soldier and we all want to see this film for very good reviews for Stewart/Moaadi performance. (again Cannes 2014 for distribution)
Actress recently revealed her off-screen creative side to Marie Claire by allowing them to publish one of her poems.
Stewart is directing a music video in Nashville.
Balenciaga parfume, now Chanel , Karl and Kristen is stunning and original, perfectly works for me on Met Ball 2014.
She finished shooting a movie in NYC, Still Alice with Julian Moore.
From Memento Films’ Cannes 2014 Promo. So excited to see the movie.
Now she is New Orleans filming American Ultra with Jesse Eisenberg, action comedy.
David Garrett’s Mister Smith Entertainment has newly boarded international rights to the stellar Cannes package Equals, set to star Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult.
Film Equals, which is due to start in Japan and Singapore in August 2014.
She has other interesting projects, that await for her. Kristen works hard, she deserves happiness and success her rightfully belongs.

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Posted at 2:18 PM on April 30, 2014  

Apparently Kristen Stewart is lesbian now.. I wouldn’t be able to come back from screwing over Rob Patts either. #YouMessedUpGirl

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No Gossip Cop denial

Posted at 7:07 PM on April 28, 2014  

Still no debunk of the KStew/Alicia romance by Gossip Cop. And they debunked the rumor about her and Tamara last year, so there is a precedence. Looks like KStew wants everyone to know.

It’s been three days already.

It’s been reported by SBS, the International Business Times, National Enquirer, Star, Gossip Girl, CDL, Cosmopolitan and others. And the rumors have been around for a long time.

I think Kristen wants everyone to know, or GC would have already issued the denial.

She wore Alicia’s clothes to a photo call at Sundance. She knew those pics would be online forever. She did the same thing in NY, and all over LA. They spent EVERY holiday together for the past year.

She’s sure not trying to hide anything. And she hasn’t had Ruth make a denial to GC, either.

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Reality Check

Posted at 8:45 PM on May 1, 2014  

The Czech LOSER is having a meltdown. She can’t deal with kstew’s abject failure.

omg you are a stupid troll. She’s a loser, just like you. Kristen goes from failure to failure. All of her indies flop.

She has a bit part in Clouds Of Sils Maria, Binoche is the STAR and Chloe Moretz has the flashy supporting role. She will get all the attention.

Camp X-Ray flopped at Sundance, it’s ROTTEN on RT, and it was NOT invited to be in the Festival. It’s over there, begging for distribution in a tiny theater outside of the Festival. And no red carpet, no photo call, no interviews.

The Chanel pics are laughable. She looks like Boy George in some stage costumes from 1984.

She has bit parts in other Star’s films. She can’t land a lead with a studio, since she trashed herself by getting caught on the side of the road with the married Rupert Sanders.

Now that’s the truth about your Cheater.

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KStew PR woman is in the Czech republic Aggressively LIES about Rob

Posted at 7:07 PM on April 28, 2014  

Interesting to see that McCarthyism is alive and well with KStew fans.

The comment below with the long list of names is written by a K-R-I-S B-I-A-N old woman fan who lives in the Czech republic. She used to post under the name Lenaj, but now she has a whole list of fake names: Lenaj, another view, ss, Leo, mc, mj, Josh, sidny, StewStar, etc. Who cares how many?

She’s nuts. she monitors every comment made about her innocent little flower. She refuses to admit that KStew hooked up with Rupert. She refuses to admit that she drinks, smokes weed, uses people, uses her friends to get her private pics online, and has a career that is not even close to the A List actresses like Jennifer Lawrence.

She’s nuts. She complies lists of anyone who makes a comment that she finds offensive, which includes almost anyone and everyone who makes any comment.

She’s a delusional menace. She lies about Rob, saying he has a PR team when everyone knows he’s said many times that he doesn’t believe actors should have PR reps, he says if they had to answer for their own words it would keep them honest.

KStew is the one who employs a full time PR rep, Ruth Bernstein. This is no secret. And people employ PR reps to keep their name and image in the media. That’s their JOB. And we see the evidence of Ruth’s work online all the time.

When this Czech republic maniac stops trying to blame Rob and his fans for Kristen’s actions, I expect the sun will have gone black, lol.

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Patts PR fan is not normal.

Posted at 11:33 AM on April 28, 2014  

This is work pattinson PR girlteam, mad mad one person hater and one comment after another is aggressive verbal bullying Stewart.
@No Gossip Cop denial
@The Difference
@Margret is the biggest h-a-t-e-r
@KStew is responsible for her own behavior, stop blaming others
@One failure after another
@Where’s the SM trailer???
@CXR is NOT a part of the CANNES FILM FESTIVAl
@In the Mind of An Irrational Hater/fan
@Kristen is the cheater
@Her fans are ungratful LIARS
@She doesn’t deserve him
@She destroyed her own relationship
@Many bad reviews for KStew
@International Business Times
@She’s couldn’t handle succes
@KStew PR woman is in the Czech republic Aggressively LIES about Rob
@Prince of Cannes
@Irrelevant describes her perfectly
@From someone who knows Rob
@KStew PR woman is in the Czech republic
@She was never likable
@In the Mind of An Irrational Hater/fan
@Kristen is a proven liar
@She destroyed her own relationship
@Catherine is a Pathetic TROLL
@Catherine is the crazy Twilight fan Rob was afraid of
@KStew is in New Orleans already
@How she thinks
@Stay pressed, losers
@Just stop lying about Rob, you look like a fool
@Rob is single and happy
@He doesn’t want her
@Stop whining and deal
@Time to move on
@Proof Robsten is dead and buried
@She’d do anything for publicity
@She’s a joke
@How it is
@The ONLY “Cowardly attack” was the one KStew made on Liberty
@Stop whining and deal
@Most Anticipated
@What’s really sad
@Her fans are toxic
@Time to move on
@She never was pregnant
@KStew PR Team Does Nothing But LIE
@Happy Now?
@Alicia was with her for the holidays
@Proof Rob never cheated
@Proof Robsten is dead and buried
@KStew is scraping the bottom of the barrel
@What normal people think
@Valetgate was the real end
@Yeah, she’s a peach,
@So true!!!
@ She said alle
@She trashed herself
@AliciSten Lives!
@kristen drinks, too
@KStew fans are delusional
@KTurds are liars and losers
@What normal people think
@Just stop lying about Rob, you look like a fool
@He doesn’t want her
@Things that make you go hmmm
@KStew fans are delusional
@kristen drinks, too,
@You just can’t handle the truth
@KStew Knows it’s All Over
@Robsten died a long time ago
@Bisexuality, look it up
@Kristen is the cheater,
@So proud of Rob
@Rob is a winner
@Rob is in Toronto
@It’s headed to Cannes
@Oscar Buzz for…..
@Rob will have a long & successful career
@2014 is Rob’s Year
@From someone who knows Rob
@What normal people think
@Thanks for reminding everyone KRISTEN IS THE DRUNKEN CHEATER
@Cheating IS Aggression, you dolt
@No one is lying about KStew
@They need to move on
@She’s scum & the whole world knows it
@Her fans are such fools & Liars
@Pothead Princess
@We know plenty
@Life goes on
@Her fans are ungratful LIARS
@Her fans need to let Rob go
@Just stop lying about Rob
@You just can’t handle the truth
@Her fans are toxic
@Kristen is in the CHEATERS Hall of SHAME
@Stop whining and deal
@She is the Biggest LOSER
@What directors think of her
@Yeah, she’s a peach
@Fans, don’t desert her!
@He doesn’t want her
@Rob is single and happy
@Kristen Stewart is a USER
@The Rover
@Come out
@The Rover gets great reactions
@Continue being the big faker you are, Kristen
@Only an idiot would be jealous of her
@From someone who knows Rob
@Jessica, Wanda, Valerie, laura, melanie, Anna, Sandra,Lane, Adrian, Kayli,Joe,jake, Liberty, Adam, ellie, @Extra TV, Unfaithful, ThunderThighs, She’s still smoking, She was never likable,She’s D List, Wake up, Trampires, Ungrateful Brat, snarling entitlement, Stop whining and deal, karma, Page, Mel, herhumpsalot, Curious, So true!!! Nola, Lightbulb Moment, cole, So delusional, Make me laugh, Beer Belly,
and other and other and other your names.

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KStew is responsible for her own behavior, stop blaming others

Posted at 3:32 AM on April 28, 2014  

No, “rus” oh, I mean Lenaj, no one is fooled you old crazy Czech troll.

LMAO for eternity at the idea of anyone being threatened by her “success.” What success? She’s still the biggest loser. FlopXRay isn’t going to the Cannes Film Festival. It’s piggybacking on it, in an effort to beg for distribution.

She has a small part in a foreign Juliette Binoche movie, and Chloe Moretz is the real co-star with the flashy part. Dumpy SecretaryStew will fade into the background.

She’s a “Top actress” who had no work for two years and who still cannot land a lead role in a movie that anyone with talent or a future would ever want to be connected with.

She’s the secretary or the girlfriend, she’s not getting the lead roles. She’ll never be Snow White or Bella again, those days are over.

No studio wants to work with her since she trashed her brand by choosing to hook up with Rupert in public. She’s damagaed goods.

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Posted at 1:09 AM on April 28, 2014  

I must say that this campaign against young women and actress Stewart is disgusting. Maybe the media just want to provoke men to make a statement in defense of his wife. Maybe it’s a targeted attack on her person. All this time, but too long and it is inexcusable cyberbullying with a woman. For two years the media it lug Sanders for seven years for Pattinson. Two Englishmen, who did nothing for her, but we all know that will never happen.
Stewart has no need to defend himself against dirt media and PR Pattinson crazy girl who is article after article systematically as a robot 24/7 bullying young woman here, but every blog and other media.
Interesting, that this rumor Stewart orientation arises, when the publication of her films Clous of Sils Maria and Camp X-Ray in Cannes 2014.
Really NF and PRpattinson team are to go through the corpses, whatever.. This is so afraid of success Stewart? She can not hide her talent, why, too. The whole world is full of her fans waiting for her new movies.

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No Gossip Cop denial

Posted at 3:21 PM on April 27, 2014  

The stories about Kristen and Alicia having a romantic relationship came out on Friday. They’re in The Star, National Enquirer, Cosmopolitan, SBS, CDL, and others.

And Gossip Cop hasn’t debunked it, even though they’ve debunked far less, like her bald spots.

Some of her fans are trying to blame everyone else but their own favorite “actress.”

Kristen is the one who flaunted her relationship in public. She’s the one who wore Alicia’s clothes and jewlery to a photo call at Sundance. She wore Alicia’s clothes and jewelry in NY.

And the first day she was back in LA she and Alicia went shopping and looked like they were in their own little world. The paps have pics of all this. PopSugar, E! and JustJared ran stories about Kristen and Alicia months ago, they just didn’t come out and specify the relationship, but if you had a brain, you could read between the lines.

Her fans are displaying their homophobia and it’s disgusting. There is nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian or bisexual. It will be interesting to see how long they support her if these stories prove to be true.

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Hang in there, Kristen

Posted at 11:05 PM on April 26, 2014  

Comments stating Kristen and Alicia, now Lindsy or Tamra, comments stating Kristen and her career, comments stating Kristen and Sanders, comments stating Kristen and Pattinson are together since her break up with Michael, and now they Kristen/Alicia lie. Poor Kristen, she can’t even go or talk to a friend without the pattinson PR girlfan writing lies and vulgar comments about her. One the stalker loser girl constant lying about Stewart person with program as work. Vulgar comments about her parents, vulgar comments about her friends, vulgarity about everything Stewart. Some comments and Robert Pattinson crazy fans who kills the girl for seven years .
You’re one sick PR for pattinson and with your offensive comments against Stewart, can not stop thinking of ordinary people who see what is going on all website on line. Targeted attack on a young woman is inexcusable in any form It is a cowardly way.

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There will be no reunion

Posted at 10:26 PM on April 25, 2014  

So happy to report that Rob was out in LA on Wednesday with some of his Brit pack, and the people he dealt with tweeted about how sweet and what a total darling to everyone he was. His fans are not surprised to hear this, he’s a true gentleman and a he’s happily single. Cannes isn’t going to change that.

From a publicity standpoint, Cannes is the perfect place to show the world that Rob’s single and happy, and wants nothing to do with KStew.

Rob has made it clear that he’s moved on and closed the door. Being seen with his cheating EX would be the dumbest thing ever, and he’s not dumb.

Do you think he wants to be linked with that trainwreck for another year?

He’s gone out of his way to avoid being seen with her for almost a year now. Why would he pose with her after doing that? You don’t invest a year of your time in trying to regain control of your public image, just to throw it away at the most important career moment of your life.

She represents everything negative about his private life. As an actor, he wants the focus on his work, not his private life. You crazy Twilight fans are his worst nightmare.

Get over it. He doesn’t want her. She’s bad news and he knows it.

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