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‘Flipping Out’ Star Jenni Pulos Spills Mommy Confessions In Open Letter

Wed, April 2, 2014 2:37pm EDT by Lauren Cox 1 Comment
Flipping Out Jenni Pulos Mom
Courtesy of Twitter

On the April 2 episode of ‘Flipping Out,’ Jenni Pulos gives birth to a very special guest star — her daughter, Alianna! In an EXCLUSIVE letter to, Jenni shares her heartwarming and hilarious take on childbirth, being a mom and also confesses secrets that all HollyMoms will love!

Jenni Pulos, 40, of Bravo’s hit series Flipping Out, has written a beautiful and honest take on what it’s like to welcome a baby into the world. Click inside to read Jenni’s EXCLUSIVE!

Jenni Pulos, ‘Flipping Out’: Deep Rooted Labor Thoughts

(Editor’s Note: The following article was written EXCLUSIVELY for by ‘Flipping Out’s Jenni Pulos.)

As a new mom, I have the following to share about giving birth:

Contractions are painful! I was watching Shark Tank and eating pepperoni pizza when my contractions started. I thought, “Wow, what is going on?”

As they increased in number, my husband said, “We need to go in and check it out.” I can handle a good deal of pain, but WOW.

You will get through it, just breathe! Breathe deep! Stay calm and have washcloths ready for your forehead! Your partner is just as freaked out as you, so remember that and don’t get crazy, if they are not being as attentive or thoughtful, as you would like. We got slushies at the labor and delivery (cherry, they were amazing)! My husband took my first one, so be prepared and order two.

Epidural? Yes or No? I did get one. It was SO wonderful for a while, but I kept pushing my gradual release button. I got too numb, I think, and then had to back down so I could push.

My suggestion is that you get one if the pain is too unbearable, but just know you are going to be in some discomfort throughout the process — this is childbirth.

At one point or another, there will come the grand thrusts (if you do not have a C-section) so hunker down and grin and bear it (shameless book plug).The result is worth it one million times over. As soon as your baby is born, you forget your own pain and are concerned about your child.

This concern will then last for the rest of your life. Day in and day out.

Husband stitch. The name says it all. I say an overwhelming yes!

Get an ice glove! Have the hospital give you ice gloves and put them down there. It is a rubber glove filled with ice wrapped in a wash cloth. It is your best friend those first few days after childbirth. Try to score a few more slushies, too!

Embrace that your hormones might be whacky for a while. You just went through a whopper of a journey so do not be too hard on yourself. Crying is okay, being terrified is okay, thinking you do not know what you are doing is okay. You will learn as you go, and trust your instincts.

MANY people will have opinions. Hear them, but also do what is best for you, the baby and your family unit.

You Just Gave Birth: Now What?

Say goodbye to sleep. Nap when they nap, someone told me that and I thought, no way I will accomplish during that time…WRONG! Learn to incorporate naps for yourself.

A great bassinet [is a must] for the first few months — ours was dark espresso wicker from Pottery Barn.

I love the diapers with the blue stripe when they are wet (Pampers sensitive). It takes care of stinky finger!

You can never have enough burp cloths, or wipes — Kirkland from Costco are by far #1!

I now have an emergency diaper bag in my trunk with one backup of everything. I can’t stress this enough. The day will come where you are somewhere and an “accident” happens. You need backup. Pacifier clips. They drop.

The Uppababy Vista stroller is amazing. [Keep] a bowl with suction cups on the bottom for when they start eating solids, a frozen washcloth for teething, Hyland’s teething tablets, Mum Mum crackers. will become your BFF!

Jenni’s Exclusive Mommy Confessions

I confess that I bring my daughter in bed in the morning to snuggle.

I confess that I have been out, and ran out of formula and diapers or forgotten a bottle (this is why you need an emergency diaper bag).

I confess that I post too many pictures of my baby girl Alianna.

I confess that I have help when I am working (I do not do it alone).

I confess that I dress her up in costumes.

I confess that I play my children’s rap album “Old School Kids Beats” for her on a loop.

I confess I cried the first time trying to fold up the stroller because I could not do it.

I confess seeing my baby girl with her delicious smile is the greatest joy of my life, and now all the dark moments make sense and were completely bearable because it led me to her.

Jenni Pulos stars on Bravo’s Flipping Out (Wednesdays, 10/9c), and is the author of Grin and Bear It.

This week’s Flipping Out is a big episode — Alianna is born! Tune in to see where the water breaks! (And, as always, Jenni’s love-hate relationship with costar Jeff Lewis.)

Tell us what you think, HollyMoms! Do you watch Flipping Out? What do you think about Jenni’s take on childbirth and being a mommy? Have any confessions to share? Comment below!

— Jenni Pulos

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