Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: What He Wants To Do For Her B-Day

Mon, March 31, 2014 1:28pm EST by 188 Comments
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Birthday Plans

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Posted at 4:49 PM on June 5, 2014  

Okayyyyyy… Kristen’s birthday was April 9th and the article is dated May 31st. You people still believe this lying tabloid?

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Hang in there, Kristen

Posted at 11:03 PM on April 26, 2014  

Comments stating Kristen and Alicia, now Lindsy or Tamra, comments stating Kristen and her career, comments stating Kristen and Sanders, comments stating Kristen and Pattinson are together since her break up with Michael, and now they Kristen/Alicia lie. Poor Kristen, she can’t even go or talk to a friend without the pattinson PR girlfan writing lies and vulgar comments about her. One the stalker loser girl constant lying about Stewart person with program as work. Vulgar comments about her parents, vulgar comments about her friends, vulgarity about everything Stewart. Some comments and Robert Pattinson crazy fans who kills the girl for seven years .
You’re one sick PR for pattinson and with your offensive comments against Stewart, can not stop thinking of ordinary people who see what is going on all website on line. Targeted attack on a young woman is inexcusable in any form It is a cowardly way.

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Rob is a winner

Posted at 9:59 PM on April 12, 2014  

Rob’s at a crucial time in his career right now, and he’s being really saavy by protecting his public persona. No photoshoots, no interviews, but he’s happy to pose with fans when they bump into him at a restaurant or on the street.

He already has the goodwill of the public because he’s always been a good guy. I couldn’t be more proud of how he stays out of the spotlight so nobody can call him an attention whore.

His star power is what gets projects like Life and The Lost City of Z to greenlit. He’s smart in focusing on his acting career and not leading a messy private life or drawing unwanted attention to himself.

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From someone who knows Rob

Posted at 10:58 PM on April 11, 2014  

Rob is well thought of by everyone who knows him

“He’s terrific. He deserves the affection that the fans have for him. He’s incredibly sweet, he’s very funny, he’s very bright and he’s also very knowledgeable about cinema. Not just movies but the history of cinema. He knows a lot about it.

He’s just a sweetheart. And he’s totally professional. He’s always right there. We had a lot of fun shooting [the movie] because, as I say, he has a great sense of humor. We just played a lot. I think that’s a really great tone that’s set for everybody on the set. The lead actor has a really big influence on the tone of the shoot. If you’ve got a guy who’s very difficult and neurotic or whatever, they can’t help but affect everybody’s day.

But Rob is not like that. He’s just a ray of sunshine. In fact, he’s in absolutely every scene of the movie, so obviously his temperament would have a huge influence on how the shoot went … and it was a dream. It was a beautiful shoot.”

David Cronenberg

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KStew PR woman is in the Czech republic Aggressively LIES about Rob

Posted at 9:40 PM on April 11, 2014  

The comment below from “Desperate” is written by a K-R-I-S B-I-A-N old woman fan who lives in the Czech republic. She used to post under the name Lenaj, but now she has a whole list of fake names: Leo, mc, mj, Josh, sidny, StewStar, etc. Who cares how many?

She’s nuts. she monitors every comment made about her innocent little flower. She refuses to admit that KStew hooked up with Rupert. She refuses to admit that she drinks, smokes weed, uses people, uses her friends to get her private pics online, and has a career that is not even close to the A List actresses like Jennifer Lawrence.

She’s nuts. She complies lists of anyone who makes a comment that she finds offensive, which includes almost anyone and everyone who makes any comment.

She’s a delusional menace. She lies about Rob, saying he has a PR team when everyone knows he’s said many times that he doesn’t believe actors should have PR reps, he says if they had to answer for their own words it would keep them honest.

KStew is the one who employs a full time PR rep, Ruth Bernstein. This is no secret. And people employ PR reps to keep their name and image in the media. That’s their JOB. And we see the evidence of Ruth’s work online all the time.

When this Czech republic maniac stops trying to blame Rob and his fans for Kristen’s actions, I expect the sun will have gone black, lol.

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girlfan PRpatts really desperate

Posted at 1:05 AM on April 11, 2014  

Listen to the sounds of your stupid comments? You search and repeat as stalker on the list.

(Lies from stalker @kristen drinks, too, Rob is single and happy, Time to move on, Unfaithful, and other and other….)

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Time to move on

Posted at 5:43 PM on April 10, 2014  

lol forever. New pics of KStew smoking and drinking a Coors Light while she plays frisbee in New Orleans. So much for her being pregnant, as if anyone believed that.

And lets stop with the insanity that she doesn’t drink. It’s broad daylight, she’s in a park, and she’s drinking beer in the daytime.

She drinks. A lot. And there are pics on PopSugar of her and Jesse coming out of the dive bar where they played pool. Just face it. Rob went out to dinner with his friends in LA and she drank and shot pool in New Orleans.

He’s not working. If he wanted to see her, he would have been in New Orleans. But he doesn’t want to see her and he hasn’t seen her since last October. Move on, he has.

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Catherine / Misfit Chick

Posted at 3:40 PM on April 10, 2014  

WHY do their FANS who supposedly LOVE them so much NOT CARE about them?!!

Do you not see HOW they are ridiculing the Twilight Fanbase in such MISOGYNISTIC ways when they write these articles? LAUGHING at those little girls who CRY over them – LISTEN to those desperate housewives carrying on and on about what an UNFORGIVABLE slut Kristen is as we fight and make them MONEY.

It doesn’t matter WHAT is going on in robsten’s romantic relationship – and it never has mattered. They have BOTH been overly-exploited & mistreated by Hollywood’s hype mechanisms since they were cast in Twilight – and the LIES continue for MONEY at the expense of heartbroken YOUNG and young-at-heart Twilight Fans – not ‘Freedom of Speech’ nor ‘Freedom of the Press’.

NO ONE gets paid enough to completely forfeit their most basic rights of LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

It is not the tabloids place to jerk the hearts of Rob and Kris’s diehard FANS around for this long. Their JOB is to ENTERTAIN us!

The petition does not call for changing any US laws, nor does it mess with ‘Freedom of Speech’. For that reason, anyone of any age or location around the world can sign it – it’s for all celebrities and it’s WORTH a TRY. The way Hollywood treats celebrities is NOT a NEW topic of discussion. People everywhere have been fed up with the way they are treated for decades.

SEARCH explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot to SIGN the petition for Hollywood to reform its own Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment – or brainstorm to figure out something else that WILL WORK.

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Rob is single and happy

Posted at 2:57 PM on April 10, 2014  

Rob was at Soho House in LA last night, having dinner with a group of his friends. He was seen by lots of people and they tweeted about it.

KStew hung out in a dive bar with Jesse last night, in New Orleans. Same deal with the

Rob did his interviews and photo shoots and decided to extend his stay in LA. Maybe it was because KStew left for NO and he didn’t have to worry about people making up fake stories saying they were together.

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Posted at 1:36 AM on April 10, 2014  


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stalker girl is hard at work

Posted at 9:01 PM on April 9, 2014  

Constantly aggressive comments from the one person is. You do nothing but attack and humiliate the young actress Stewart! Go seek professional help, otherwise you’ll end badly. @From someone who knows Rob, Princess of Cannes, US Weekly…… Things that make you go hmmm and other and other vulgar comments your without rest and without stopping churn out every article on Stewart and elsewhere!
One reason we see everybody. you’re watching Stewart , looking all about her and your obsession and hatred is apparent for all.. Why the hatred and abuse and bullying ? Your behavior is irrelevant and disgusting.. Your hatred is quite obvious and deliberately you attack Stewart.
Kyber stalker loser girl constant lying about Stewart person, vulgarity about her parents, vulgarity about her friends, vulgarity about everything Stewart . It is frightening way.

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Time to move on

Posted at 3:24 PM on April 8, 2014  

It’s very clear by now that Rob and Kristen are not a couple. They are not secretly dating each other. And they are not going to spend her birthday together whether she’s in NOLA or LA.

The writing has been on the wall since December. He sold his house and left the US on Dec. 2nd, and he hasn’t seen her since. He didn’t spend a single holiday with her last year. Not Valentine’s Day, not his birthday, the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Xmas or NYE. Even friends get together once in a while, but he’s proved he’s not interested in seeing her.

It’s been nearly a year now. Let it go.

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Posted at 3:25 PM on April 8, 2014  

I don’t see anyone applauding Rupert. Just because he isn’t discussed all the time doesn’t mean anyone thinks well of him. He’s a liar, cheat and jerk, just like she is.

But she had the option of saying “no.” No one forced her. He fed her ego and she got off on the thrill of the forbidden.

Let’s not forget that her favorite film, the one that gets her turned on, is UNFAITHFUL. She said it at Cannes. It’s a story of a woman who cheats on her husband. She likes it. That’s who she is, so accept it and stop trying to make excuses for her.

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Posted at 10:21 PM on April 8, 2014  

You’re here with your program 24/7. Are you searching about this actress Stewart and her friends and her family. You’re a stalker as someone said. Maybe, that really you PR for Pattinson. Your fight for your star.
You’re a wretched creature. You are not a healthy person.
You’re really sick, so many years to write the same stupid things.

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Posted at 7:16 PM on April 9, 2014  

How would you know unless YOU were here 24/7? And no one has to stalk her. Her FANS stalk the tweets and instagrams of her friends and then THEY reblog that shtt like it’s their job. No one has to go looking for it, they make sure it’s everywhere.

Her own fans have NEVER respected her privacy. But you can hardly blame them, since she poses for private pics and then has her friends post them. Have you forgotten those TomBoy tee pics from her private hotel room? She posed for Linsdey Byrnes so they could be put online and she could get a kickback from the Tomboy people.

She’d do anything for publicity. Stop BLAMING OTHER FOR HER BEHAVIOR.

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Posted at 11:59 PM on April 9, 2014  

will return to you ……

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Posted at 8:43 AM on April 8, 2014  

robert and kristen can come together if kristen will not cheat him again
but i wish they will be together soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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