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Mother’s Day Boob Job: Kandy Noad Under Fire For ‘Life Changing’ Surgery

Mon, March 31, 2014 10:18am EDT by Lauren Cox 5 Comments
Mothers Day Boob Job
Courtesy of Facebook

Kandy Noad was unhappy with her looks after giving birth to four children. Thankfully, for Mother’s Day her loving family chipped in and came up with enough money for Kandy to receive a pair of boobs that were three sizes larger than the ones she was so unhappy with. Talk about a unique gift for mom!

While some families take their mom out to dinner or buy her jewelry and chocolates for Mother’s Day, Kandy Noad‘s family bought her a boob job. Now, one year later, she claims the plastic surgery has changed her life for the better.

Mother’s Day Boob Job — Best Gift Ever?

Kandy Noad, 35, was extremely unhappy with her body after having four children. Her 34AA breasts, especially, made her feel self-conscious. Kandy even referred to them as “shriveled sacks.”

When Kandy found out a friend of hers was going for a plastic surgery consultation, she was extremely jealous. The friend suggested Kandy at least go for a consultation to see if it were something she would want, so she did. Coincidentally, it was just a few weeks before Mother’s Day.

After the consultation, Kandy called her husband because she was so excited about the possibility of fixing her “sacks” that she couldn’t fathom the idea of not getting it done. The couple then reached out to their parents to help pay for the surgery, and on Mother’s Day 2013 Kandy went under the knife. When she woke up, she had her “dream” figure.

“I take pride in how I look now, and I managed to slim down purely because I’m not comfort eating and I love life,” Kandy told the Daily Mail about life after her boob job.

Kandy Gets To Wear ‘Boobilicous’ Dresses Now

One year after getting the plastic surgery that changed her life, Kandy is happier than ever. She no longer feels self-conscious when shopping with her two adolescent daughters, and she gets to wear sexy lingerie for her husband.

“I love buying nice lingerie and now own 30 bikinis – something I’d never have worn before, and because I have so much more confidence it’s been great for my relationship with Darren too,” Kandy shared.

Kandy also shares that she no longer has to be jealous of other women, because she finally got to drop her tomboy attire.

“I was like a tomboy before but now I can wear the booblicious dresses I always used to envy other girls in,” Kandy explained excitedly.

While some people disagree with plastic surgery, it seems like Kandy really has changed her life for the better. Good for her!

Tell us, HollyMoms — Would you get a boob job for Mother’s Day? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Lauren Cox

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