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Donald Trump Goes On Foolish Twitter Rant About Autism

Fri, March 28, 2014 5:58pm EDT by Lauren Cox 42 Comments
Donald Trump Autism Vaccinations

On March 28, Donald took to Twitter to rant about autism. Apparently, the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ host and real estate mogul thinks that autism is caused by ‘high dosage’ vaccinations. However, spoke to a child psychologist who told us that he couldn’t be more wrong.

Donald Trump thinks he knows everything, but when it comes to his beliefs about autism he is definitely in the wrong. Find out what child psychologist Dr. Susan Abbott had to say about Donald’s autistic accusations.

Donald Trump Blames Vaccinations For Autism Rise

Uh oh, here we go again. Donald, 67, loves to be in the headlines, and this time he’s using the recent rise in autism to get into them.

On March 27, the CDC released a report that showed autism diagnoses were up by 30% in just two years. When spoke to child and adolescent psychologist Dr. Abbott, a doctor well versed in the world of autism, she told us that education and awareness were more than likely the cause of the increase. Unfortunately, Donald seems to disagree.

“Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes – AUTISM. Many such cases!” Donald wrote on Twitter. “With autism being way up, what do we have to lose by having doctors give small dose vaccines vs. big pump doses into those tiny bodies?”

Yikes. Sounds like Donald hasn’t been doing his research, because the idea that autism is caused by vaccinations came from the 1998 case study written by Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Dr. Wakefield has since had his medical license revoked, because his study was proved fraudulent in 2011. It turned out that Dr. Wakefield altered the studies in order to claim that there was a connection between vaccinations and autism, which there is not.

Expert Says Donald’s Autism Claims Are Wrong

Hoping to further provide our readers with clarification about autism and it’s lack of connection to vaccinations, spoke to Dr. Abbott. Here’s what she had to say:

“Parents with autistic children are concerned about this issue. Jenny McCarthy has been very vocal about her concerns with vaccines, but the latest evidence shows that autism is linked to genetics and that you can see changes in the brains of [unborn] babies that indicate changes occur in the second or third trimester,” Dr. Abbott explained.

Obviously, babies that are still developing in the womb have not received any vaccinations yet. So, if it’s possible to track autism in a growing fetus, how can the two be linked?

When reached out the CDC for a statement in regards to Donald’s social media accusations, a rep directed us to the March 2013 study that disproved any connection between autism and vaccinations.

Maybe Donald should do some more reading when he’s not too busy firing celebrities on reality television.

Let us know your thoughts, HollywoodLifers! Do you think Donald should stay out of this one? Let us know your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox

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