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‘The Little Couple’s’ Jen Arnold: Why I Shared My ‘Struggle’ With Cancer

Wed, March 26, 2014 1:58pm EDT by HL Intern 21 Comments

‘The Little Couple’s Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein have no problem being open about their lives on their reality television show. However, the couple had to reconsider their sharing after Jen’s scary cancer diagnosis. In this clip, Jen opens up about the tough decision to let cameras in during one of the most trying times in her life, and also explains why it was important to do so.

Dr. Jennifer Arnold is one brave woman! With husband Bill Klein by her side, she made the difficult decision to openly share her struggle with cancer on The Little Couple. Now, Jen is explaining how and why she made the decision to let her cancer scare be documented for the world to see.

Jen Arnold Talks About Sharing Cancer Diagnosis With The Public

Dr. Jennifer Arnold keeps tugging at our heartstrings and inspiring us all. The Little Couple star was recently diagnosed with stage 3 uterine cancer, and was brave enough to share it with the public on her family’s hit reality show.

“We hope, like everything else we shared, it helps to raise awareness, it educates, and maybe it helps someone along the  line,” Jen explained. She is so brave!

The decision  to share such a large and difficult part of their lives was, naturally, very hard.

“For the first time, we had to pause and think about whether or not that was something we should and could share with you as well,” Jen admitted.

“After much thought and time, we decided that it would be important to share with you, this other struggle in our lives.”

Jen Continues To Be Strong On The Show

This is not the first time Jennifer has exhibited her strength. During the March 25 Christmas episodes of The Little Couple, Jen confessed that her immune system had been suppressed due to the chemotherapy.  Because of that, her entire family had been quarantined inside their house, being careful that they don’t contract germs from outside and potentially pass them onto her.

This did not stop this strong little woman from taking her kids on a fun holiday hayride, because her family definitely needed some fun.

As always, Bill was right by her side, saying, “It’s important that she doesn’t feel left out.” Bill is so supportive of Jen, it’s very sweet.

Jen also showed that she was not ashamed of her cancer diagnosis when she posted a pic of herself without a wig during one of her recent treatment sessions.

“Day 2 inpatient chemo – sleeping a lot, liking new anti nausea med this time, & looking to get home today! #GetWellJen” the selfie was captioned.

Hopefully Jen is right, and the story of her brave fight with cancer inspires other women who might be dealing with the same struggles. She is definitely inspiring me!

Let us know Hollywoodlifers! Do you think Jen should have shared her story?

— By Stephanie Sengwe

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